4.3.6. Migration, crime and sex work

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From a social and legal point of view, economic migration is not a crime, although excessive emigration causes economic damage to both the issuing and receiving country. The primary concern, however, arises more often when immigrants end up in illegal sex business, both during their migration and their arrival in the country of destination. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that human traffickers have been taking the advantage of the current migration trends, and as a result, it is not always known that migration or trafficking is what is taking place in front of the authorities, with special regard to the quite probable child trafficking and sexual exploitation. For some time, the phenomenon of unaccompanied minors arriving at refugee camps from where they disappear has been observed, assuming organized criminal groups operating in the background that manage the lucrative business of child trafficking and their sexual exploitation. The primary purpose of migrant sex workers is to earn as much and as easy income as possible[1], as they would not otherwise be able to pursue any other career without being able to speak the language of the destination country. Another important motivation for the migration of sex workers according to the study just mentioned is that some religions regard prostitution and escort activity as a great crime therefore they are driven to find better working conditions and relocate their sex business. The study cites Bangladesh or Nepal as an example, where sex workers come to India for better sex work conditions, where the dominant religion is a political factor and treats prostitution as a serious crime. So the interpretation of sin is clearly the consequence of their migration.

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