4.2. Venial sins

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The other main type of sins is the wide range of forgiving or venial sins, which are distinguished from the deadly sins by the fact that the perpetrator is either not fully aware of what s/he is doing or has not consented to a sinful activity, which are actually less important than the seven deadly sins or the violation of the Ten Commandments in general. The most typical kind of sin in the escort industry is when a young woman is forced into sexual activity by human traffickers against her own will. In this case she will not commit a deadly sin in religious sense because she has not consented to the sexual act she is involved in or, in the same way, a young escort prostitute recruited by traffickers cannot be aware of what she is doing therefore she cannot be held accountable by either the heavenly or the worldly courts. A more difficult case, however, is another kind of forced prostitution when a woman becomes a prostitute and sells sex services due to her intolerable poverty to support herself and her children. In religious sense it is deadly sin, though it is forgivable if at least one person can truly be saved at such a price.

In the chapters above sins in religious sense were represented, which can be considered individual sins as well because the crime, the realization of sin in society comes from individual, personality flaws and weaknesses. Now is coming the discussion of the so-called social crime, with a particular focus on sex-based crime. What distinguishes social crimes from individual crimes is that society itself considers it important to sanction them because it poses a long-term threat to society and the safety of its people, while individual and / or religious sins, such as gluttony or sloth put the individual's physical and mental health at risk. It should be noted that this classification of sins is not distinct from one another, but naturally overlaps, since religion originally used to serve the safety and security of the given society. Since religion has become increasingly irrelevant in modern Western societies, individual states have had to deal with the definition and punishment of crime.


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