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Following the typology of sex/escort service providers and pimps, it is practical to talk about that use sexual services, trying to classify them. The classification of sex-buyers is based on the experiences of sex workers/escorts.

Power client

A socially strong type of sex client with a high degree of self-confidence and usually a high position at work, such as a lawyer, judge, chief officer or some local celebrity. Apart from enjoying sexual services, they usually visit sex workers to either strengthen or destroy their ego. These sex-shoppers often want to be dominated by sex workers because in everyday life they are the ones who dominate their social environment by their high position and financial potentials. The possible explanation why they want to be inferior is the desire for curiosity, adventure, novelty, that is why they love being treated roughly, being pinioned, whipped, spitted and kicked. There are also some who directly want to be used financially by escorts making them buy very expensive gifts, especially those that are linked to a fetish like, for example, leather garments, boots, stockings, etc.

The party client

It is a group of sex buyers for whom the purchase of sexual services is a big event, which is always a celebration, and which is the opposite of boring everyday life. It is almost the perfect opposite of the power-client because he specifically seeks the sexual provider’s attention, without any intention of dominating the sex provider or dominating himself in a BDSM game. It is also the opposite of the above group that their self-confidence is far less, though they try to play a resolved man, to which he often consumes alcohol or drugs to relieve tension.

The guilty client

This is a less common category than the two outlined above, which designates a range of sex buyers who, for some reason, suddenly start feeling guilty during or after sexual service. They are often paranoid in their behaviour, being afraid of being seen or becoming known that they have bought sexual services. The stress and anxiety is due to the fact that these punters are usually married or religious, and in vain they have the sexual desire, their conscientious objections do not allow them to relax and enjoy the sexual service.

The visionary

This type of sex client behaves like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, who tries to save a sex worker from her unacceptable circumstances by showing her a better life or the hope that she can become an honest woman with his help. He will offer his help to change her lifestyle, but he would be also glad if the sex worker was so grateful to him that she was willing to carry out sexual services for him for free of charge.

The new husband

It is also not uncommon to see a guest who is having his bachelor party, and buying sexual services is the culmination of the event when the prospective husband has the last chance to have a sexual intercourse legally with someone else before married life eliminates it. The still unmarried often appears with the best man, and it is not uncommon that two use the sexual provider. In general, they do not make a big fuss about it, openly admitting that is the last sexual affair they have ever had before the marriage. 

The clients demanding refund

There are some clients who, because of the great stress of visiting an escort or a prostitute, cannot give sexual performance as stress negatively influencing their sexual potential, so much so that the sexual act cannot be realized. In this situation, the sex guests are most likely to flee, but there are some who demand back the price of paid sexual services due to their own failure to produce a proper erection, claiming that this is the escort’s mistake, perhaps thus concealing their embarrassment.

The unsatisfied

Their group is made up of men who are perfectly satisfied with their relationship, apart from the sexual life, or those who seek an escort after a long relationship having broken up, and who have obviously had no sexual contact with their partner for a long time. They are usually shy and clumsy, because, on the one hand, they have got unused to sex in their sterile married life; on the other hand, they have no sexual experiences outside of their marriage.

The virgin

He is a very typical sex client, usually around the age of 20, who visits an escort under social pressure, that is, he is persuaded by his friends to finally lose his uncomfortable sexual virginity. In general, friends pay the escort, who are waiting patiently in another room during the sex act, and after the loss of virginity, they will go celebrating the big occasion.

The emotional client

He is one of the hardest clients in the respect that he needs to be treated carefully because of his emotional nature. He often does not want sex from an escorts, but only hugs and attention. On the part of the escort, this is easy work, there is no physical penetration, but their role has to be played well, which requires a lot of patience.

The pervert

The perverted sex client is another example of difficulty that escorts may encounter. Since perversion has so many variations, an escort cannot be prepared enough for each case, and it is difficult to overcome the uncertainty caused by improvisation and the shock, not to mention dangerous perverted sexual practices.

The client with a nervous wife

This client’s wife has begun to be suspicious of some sex affair, and she tracks down where the paid sex act is taking place with the client on halfway to sexual satisfaction, but he must escape to avoid getting caught. Normally an escort agency always finds a cover story, but it cannot always hold back the curious spouse.

A client testing whether he is bisexual or not

It's a fairly rare subcategory of sex-buying clients, but it's still possible for escorts to meet with them. Mostly, they are homosexual men, who are wondering if they are capable of having an intercourse with women.

The spending client

It is the rarest type of sex buyer. He spends a lot on escort on a regular basis and he has the fixed idea that the escort is his girlfriend who needs to be well satisfied sexually, so most of the times he controls the sexual acts, often overriding his own sexual needs.

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