With escorts there is no disappointment

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Contended thus long relationships always end in obesity. Happiness simply fattens you. In the beginning of a relationship stormy and intense sexual intercourses leads to increased food intake as women tend to get hungry after a rocketing orgasm. They lose their body form slowly but surely about which you were so enthusiastic, and they are stealthily preparing for pregnancy though they might not be aware of this natural process by growing thick fat layers. You begin to notice how your slim fairy is becoming a bulky cow, which is similar to the process how a butterfly develops from a cocoon, but unfortunately this is a converse development. Your firm erection is becoming less and less hard, your cock is gradually drooping like the head of a ripe sunflower in autumn. This is the end. This is when your desire stops existing. Your disappointed eyes are just scanning the crowd in streets in the hope of catching sights of new and slim fairies, while your girlfriend, who has undergone a serious metamorphosis, is rolling by your side like a heavy rock, who, in addition, is about to tell you it is time to start a family. Your dick feels like being dangled in icy water and begins to withdraw into the penis socket as it knows there will be no need for it for a long while. This is the culmination of disappointment. It is not enough that you see that terrible metamorphosis, it still will be worsened with a big belly, then a broadened, torn vagina and birth scars on the stretched skin. If it were not disappointing enough, you need to know that the female body will concentrate on taking care of the baby for a long while because this is her function. Hence you and your cock pulsating with desire have no role because you have completed your genetic mission. Now you feel that you have been cheated, in addition your cock begins torturing you, but what should you do, you cannot leave your family just to release semen on a regular basis. It does not need to be mentioned that if you had preferred to patronize prostitutes, this all would not have happened to you. There is no obesity, no metamorphosis because prostitutes or escort girls are always in good condition as keeping fit is a sort of professional requirement. If your favourite ones should happen to change, you still have the chance to use newer and newer whores as the next generation of them keep getting employed at your disposal, fresh and peachy meats in different forms, with different hair colour and style, with different wrapping of silky skin will be always available for your insatiable and eternal desire.      

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