Drabbing as an archetypical masculine disposition

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The habit of drabbing is as old as the human society itself. As soon as humankind reached the mental development that made them able to live in society, there had appeared this service to satisfy the masculine demand. From prehistoric times we do not have much information remained concerning this mannish habit because sexual intercourse with female strangers was likely to happen due to the physical superiority of males, that is to say, it was violence and coercion that would make promiscuity available for them any time. Before the development of societal laws and regulations as well as the system of criminal legislation, it is quite probable that the male sexual instinct that would arise as uncontrollably and suddenly (at a sight, for example) as it does with animals may have been used to be satisfied by force. At the time of tribal communities and societies it was common to rape women of the adverse tribe or women robbery: the pretty ones were simply taken away at ambush then raped after which the distinguished warriors of the tribe, who lived in polygamy, enrolled them as one of their housewives. We have several references in ancient historical or mythological sources that warriors would keep female prisoners for sexual fun who were either made free and promoted to be their wife or kept as lovers. The most remarkable case is the Greek Achilles’ who rather had honkey tonkey with the breathtaking female prisoner, Briseis than would give some thoughts about how to conquer the fortress of Troy. Odysseus himself was committing adultery for long years with the nymph Calypso, said to be quite skilful in sexual practices, in her island until he got bored with making love with just one woman and therefore decided to leave for his wife. His poor wife, Penelope was worrying to death while her unfaithful husband was having crazily intense orgasms with the resourceful and magical nymph.

Institutionalized prostitution first appeared the earliest in the ancient Roman Empire in form of brothels although the activity itself had already been present in the Grecian society or in the ancient Egypt. At those times drabbing was considered similar to a common recreational activity such as going to spa or sauna. It was quite natural and accepted to visit prostitutes, which was such a typical male habit as watching football nowadays.

As drabbing is approximately as old as the natural disposition of males for promiscuity we can state that this is an archetypical feature of the male gender. No one can contradict to this fact or halt this primordial instinct. Drabbing was a flourishing business even at the time of pestilences, and strangely or morbidly enough, it often took place in cemeteries or among dead bodies, not putting off at all the male desire.

This male disposition for promiscuity is so ancient that its realization, the action of drabbing can be easily called an archetypical male characteristic. If this disposition has been being had by our gender for such a long time, it can be presumed to be natural, and if something is natural, it should be normally healthy, that is to say, it does good to our health. In the next subchapters I will try to summarize why it is good or beneficial or what advantages it has if men give way to this archetypical feature by patronizing prostitutes.

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