Cost efficiency -supporting prostitutes is less expensive than keeping a relationship-

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If I say drabbing or visiting an escort girl are cheaper than having a girlfriend, many of you might be dubious about what you hear. You might answer that enjoying a good service at a nice brothel is disastrous to your budget. But having a girlfriend does not a burden on your budget, does it? If you take a closer look at the annual expense you invest in your girlfriend and make some calculation, you will be surprised to see that patronizing prostitutes is less expensive than keeping a relationship. On the one hand, if we take into consideration the time we can gain by drabbing and the fact that time is money in this hectic world, and on the other hand, if we sum up how much we spend on clothes, presents, romantic dinners, travels etc. for our girlfriend, you will clearly come to the conclusion that having a girlfriend is more expensive. At this point you need to consider either having an expensive girlfriend with whom sex is bound to become boring sooner or later or the less costly drabbing, which will never be boring and monotonous  because it is always your desire that comes true.   

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