Profile types

There are 4 different types of escort profiles: Free, Standard, Standard+Premium (front page) and Positioned Premium Profiles (positioned in the first 3 rows on the front page and also in escort listing page)

If you visit the following link you can see the options of all type of profiles: CLICK HERE

Limited visibility in the list(It is listed for the first 24 hrs after the first activation or after the expiration of any paid profile type), limited photos (3). Pictures has black and white colour and they are covered with a "Free Profile" sign. Visitors can find your profile but with some limitations: fullscreen ads, banners and recommended profiles.
Please note that our website is not a free so the free profile is not available anytime.

( it means the first 21 escort profiles from the begin of the escort list. These are placed in the first 5 rows in desktop view or in the first 7 rows on mobile view in case of the all places are taken.)  
The most visited profile type. These ads are always kept in the top rows on the front page and also on the listing page. Every other options and features are the same like the premium profiles.
Note this kind of profile is not kept in position if you suspend it. After reactivation it will be resumed as Premium Profile.

Please note: In case the plan of prolongation of a current posititoned premium profile the advertiser(profile owner) must notify us of it at least 1 day before the date of expire.  Otherwise we cannot guarantee the prolongation.(TEMPORARY  THIS RULE ABOVE IS NOT IN USE BECASUE NOW THE PROLONGATION  MAY NOT BE GUARANTEED IN ANY CASE!!!)

PREMIUM PROFILES (front page):
It gets the second highest traffic. New and returning visitors always check these ads first. If you don't have front page profile yet and want to improve your traffic you can contact us for upgrading.

STANDARD+ Profiles:
Also have high traffic. These are a mixture of Premium and Standard profile types; shown among Premium Profiles on the listing page and you can upload your photos with no limitations.

STANDARD Profiles:
Lower traffic but this the way to go on small budget. Uncovered photos but you can use only 7 of them. Listed below Premium and Standard+ profiles but at least it's the cheapest option. 

For upgrade to a higher level you can contact us.

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