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Någon fler än mig som upplever att kvaliteten på de kringresande byhororna har sjunkit radikalt?
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    Hi babes☺️ An apartment would be needed in the Stockholm area from Thursday to Monday!! Apartment hotel is also good just let guests come!! Please babes if anyone knows anything contact me!!!☺️ Thank you very much for your help!!! All the best!!🤗+46734883367(whatsupp iMessage)
    Im waiting!❤️
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    Yes I agree that the quality has gone down significantly...see for e.g. in göteborg....very few worth considering a visit. Few of them look good...but then they've zero reviews even if they have stayed for more than a month...i think something is very strange, some have couple of reviews but then it's not difficult to figure out that the reviews are fake. Those who are good and want to visit the city, can't find accommodation. So in general not an interesting times now a days.
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    This site seems to be dying.
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