Why Do I need to pay to see pictures?

Yoyo · 25 Svar ·

This option wasn't there before, its like 2 weeks or so I'm seeing it. Before I could browse escort pictures without any problem. It looks like this.


I find this completely ridicioulos.

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  • Pop (@bond) · · · (#0)
    I agree.
  • Ts Nataly (@trans-nataly) · · · (#0)
    Yes now they change only if the escorts have Premium positioned or Premium profile you can see all pictures with out you be a premium member.

    @Ts Nataly
  • Ts Nataly (@trans-nataly) · · · (#0)
    It was the same before for example if we pay for Standard profiles we can show only 5 photos but the difference now is that by you paying a premium member ship wich cost 1 credit ( each credit cost 1.50 euro ) you can unlock the other pictures .

    In my case I pay premium profile wich cost me 7 credits a day = 10.50 euro 😊
    @Ts Nataly
    • John Player Special (@premiere-classe) · Old school Swedish gentleman · · Ts Nataly (#155533)
      Btw 10.50 eur a day doesn’t seem that bad. Premium, but then you’ll show in the middle and most guys know how to scroll. Does it matter much if you’re P or P+ one wonder.
      @John Player Special
      • Ts Nataly (@trans-nataly) · · · John Player Special (#155537)
        Yes it matters when you do all the best to expose + put a banner wich cost the same and no one come like here in Umeå or try to bargain in the price and don't defend Swedish people cause they always ask for cheap but that's what's the escorts teach if you charge 1 day 1500 and next time go for less than 1000 or you will never go up in your fee .
        @Ts Nataly
  • John Player Special (@premiere-classe) · Old school Swedish gentleman · · (#0)
    It’s called capitalism. Sweet sweet capitalism...
    @John Player Special
  • admin.Dave (@admin.Dave) · Office manager · · (#0)
    We have not changed anything regarding the number of showed photos. The limited number of visible photos by profile types is existing for years. Now ,for premium members, we provide access to see all pictures on those type of profiles on which they are limited. So the visitors who do not purchase premium membership do not see less photos than before, but the visitors who purchase premium membership see more photos. Hope it is clear now. :)

    By following this link you can read about the options of profile types: https://sex-tjejer.com/wiki/profile_types
    • Which means that we who don not have premium are victims of this new change 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ This is the reason to why most escort sites die in the end. Just let us see pictures without being premium as we could before instead of being limited.
      • DonCurate (@curate) · Spectator · · Yoyo (#155557)
        The photo limit is not a new thing. It was the same as before, so I don't understand why you're hysterical.
        • It wasn't there before. I never had problems watching photos. And I do look many profiles everyday in 5-7 cities. Its like the last month or the last 2 weeks I am encountering this shit.
          • Ts Nataly (@trans-nataly) · · · Yoyo (#155561)
            Let me explain to you fir example if you look my ad you can see unlimited photos because I pay an ad that have no limits but if I pay fof lower category you can see 3- 5 pictures depending on the type of profile but if you want to see more pictures now is this new option to pay and see all the photos, it is the same as before but with this option if you are premium member you can see everything ieven if I choose Standard profile wich show less pictures but this is optional....

            Is that' clear now?
            @Ts Nataly
            • Yes, but they have changed it, so its not the same, they changed it for the escorts so now we also have to pay... its still bad
              • Ts Nataly (@trans-nataly) · · · Yoyo (#155566)
                The only change is the advantage that if you want to see more pictures than the profile can show you can pay and see more pictures but of course many costumers wont do it so that's why I choose premium so punters can see all my pictures and even with it they ask me to send more pictures 😅
                @Ts Nataly
      • scumbag ✅ (@scumbag) · I am a scumbag · · Yoyo (#155557)
        Are you a real stupid or just playing? How you do not understand it? Simple. As I know the escorts can upload unlimited photos to their profile but the number of showed photos for the users depends on the profile type they paid. right? It has beeen being since the time I knew this website. But now we users by paying for premium membership will get the followings:

        - Get access to all photos on limited profiles (Free, Standard and Standard+ plans have and always had limits)
        - See when a profile was verified and the exact time when the photos were uploaded even if the advertiser has swapped them
        - Also get access to all statuses
        - Get a Premium badge
        - And more will follow!

        Probably you will die faster than this site because you are so stupid so you will not find your mouth so that you can eat. :D
        @scumbag ✅
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