Important -Dangerous guy in Stockholm

Abby♥️ (@abby) · 20 Svar ·

0722000240 Two brothers come tonight to me and my friend, they was Swedish and came from Uppsala they said,for 1h. After the time was finished with me he didn’t wanted to leave, he jumped on me, abruptly grabbed me by the neck and blocked me from calling my girlfriend. I said I would give him the money back, I would do anything just to let me so I could move, then I bit his hand hard and so I managed to run out of the apartment to call my girlfriend Please be careful with this guy

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  • VladFromTransylvania (@vladfromtransylvania) · · · (#0)
    What a fucking creep! I guess its not only arabic men behaving badly to women. What did your friend say about his brother? Was the brother also a crazy asshole? I hope you are ok.
  • Natalia (@natalia-ec247e) · · · (#0)
    Henrik Pagard 28 years old , really Sweeden now it’s Afrika
  • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · (#0)
    Please Abby, report him to the police. You have his phonenumber and his name here above. He has commit assault against you. It's a very serious crime. You don't deserve to be treated like that and he will be sentenced in court. All support to you!
  • patrik (@patrik) · · · (#0)
    Henrik Pagard lives in Kinna outside Goteborg and not in Uppsala as he told you. Or maybe his mobile phone has been stolen.

    • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · patrik (#152073)
      So Patrik, is this another one of your "Malmö- examples"?

      "Oh wait, mabye they were immigrants who disguised themselves as swedish..." Like I told you before, crimes happen everywhere. Not one city is safer than the other in Sweden. Even swedes commit crimes and the forum is filled with such warnings.

      As for Henrik, it was perhaps his original plan to lie from the beginning in order to get away with it. Scary thing then is that he actually planned it to happen and it wasnt just impulsiveness. Abby, make a police report.
  • Emily (@michelle) · · · (#0)
    idiots@!!!! call polis girls!!! PLEASE , dont let them to think they can do like this and after just go home... cos they gonna go for more... i hope you ok
  • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · (#0)
    I agree with Emily, call the police. They will help you. They are nice to the girls, I have seen it. It's us guys they want to catch
  • Fredrik (@fredrikf) · · · (#0)
    How are you feeling now, Abby? Did you lose any money?
    • Abby♥️ (@abby) · · · Fredrik (#152080)
      Hi, I m well thanks
      A bit scared but more careful with guys now
      I didn’t loose any money, I think he was more into give me pain then wanted the money..
  • Roxana (@roxan) · · · (#0)
    Happend with me same situation, Just my guest wanna rape me also.
    I hope u ok, take care
  • BiggiusDickius (@biggiusdickius) · · · (#0)
    This man with this number, and also other numbers, has harassing other escorts also. Yesterday I talked to one escort about this. This creep must be stoped.
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