Defense if caugh?

Partyman (@partyman) · 6 Svar ·

So thinking what should be said and not. If its a proffesional woman i guess a good thing would be to agree per text what to say

Iam thinking one thing to use is that your doing amature porn?

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  • Dont say anything
  • patrik (@patrik) · · · (#0)
    dont text about your wishes of sex or agreements about what to say if police catch you, How can you deny if police take mobile. When you are really fucked up. Dont talk with police. Agreements with escorts have to be done mouth to mouth.
  • Jessie · · · (#0)
    Why you have to say something? You forget about your right to not speak. People speak to much that's why they get caught because they incriminate themselves. And police cannot search you without a warrant either unless you give them access for it yourself. So I don't understand why people have to plan on what to say etc. if its very simple, keep your mouth shut and you don't know nothing that's it.
    • Xldick Retired (@xldick) · RETIRED. Become too serious and emotional. · · Jessie (#151382)
      Miss. Yes they can search you without a warrant. We are not US, its enough by probably cause. You cant do anything about it. But its right, dont talk too much. Paolo, the morning interview was some of the most dumbest shit I ever seen. He practically put himself in more and more problem.
      @Xldick Retired
  • Cruise (@cruise) · · · (#0)
    I’m thinking stop thinking
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