All eskorts are welcome to FUCKFORBUNDET

Yasmine (@elisa-goteborg) · 9 Svar ·

Hey! I’m called Yasmine and I work as an escort here in Sweden. Most of you would say I’m swedish, but I’m originally from Lebanon ??. Anyways, we are here because we want to decriminalize buying sex. We want to invite you escorts to join us, so we can make a change together. And also, you’ll meet other sexworkers and you can get free condoms mm. Please visit

It’s basically a community for sexworkers. Take care. See you soon ❤️

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  • patrik (@patrik) · · · (#0)
    Interesting to read and good initiative. Wish you best luck. To be succesful and reach your goal I think you need a big number of union members. For this reason you should tentatively write more information in english.
  • DAVIDB777-ER (@davidb777-er) · · · (#0)
    Quite interesting what you guys are working with, I applaud you.
    I think this country is going on another direction, they’re even considering to sharpen the law against people who pay for sex. This means jail time, people loosing there livelihood. This is what the government is considering now.
    Before people were afraid of being sentenced and put in to the register wish also has it’s consequences.
    But now it will result to jail time for sex, is it even worth it?

    I think this will be in the media for a long time and it will be used as a political stand on the upcoming re-election.

    I may self think this industry will die out in Sweden, there will still be outlaws continue to work and to pay but I think the people who had respect and values that made this industry what it is will no longer be.

    I think this will only result to were bad situation were there will be a increase on bad customers and a big decrease on the good customers.
    This means a up crease on violence, rape and robberies on escorts.
    It also means more trafficking since there will be a opening in the market.

    I wish you all the best and hope that my theory is false.

    Love, peace and life.
  • Nadia (@nadia303) · · · (#0)
    Yeah Fuckförbundet is great!! There's people who are more involved in the politics and others who use it just as a community so we can vent, ask for advice, and help each other stay safe.
  • Nadia (@nadia303) · · · (#0)
    Para todas las compas que hablen español!! Aunque la mayoría hablen sueco o inglés, si somos más que hablamos español podemos hacer un grupo en el foro para nosotras :) Todas las que estamos dentro trabajamos, y no hay que dar nombres reales ni nada así que podéis estar tranquilas que vuestra info no se va a filtrar. Hay alguna gente con mucha experiencia trabajando en Suecia, así que está super bien para aprender truquillos para manejarse por el sistema aquí.

    Si queréis podéis contactarme a mi por aquí o pedir que os haga yo la introducción si estáis más cómodas hablando español.

    Cuidarse mucho hermanas ❤️
  • Cruise (@cruise) · · · (#0)
    I dont understand why you want to make your work better for the clients and worse for yourself?
    • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Cruise (#151355)
      It's not all bad.

      Being able to make a full background check on clients with name, photo and possible convictions for violent behaviour would increase safety.

      With lawful landlords not having to worry about police, rent price will go down and apartment availability will go up. Rent is typically their biggest expense and to cut it down with 50-80% would be a major change.

      To name a few positive aspects :)
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