Dear eskorts, don't let people use this situation for their own winnings!

Elisa (@elisa-goteborg) · 14 Svar ·

Hey all Eskorts! We have corona virus going around the whole world, and some of us still choose to sell sex, even with the risks we're taking. I’ve seen many people who wants to buy sex who tries to ask to pay less money, or think they have the right, as if they’re taking the actual risk. Please, don’t take less than your own prices. Keep your price! People have money, they’re not poor. Sweden has a really good economy and everything will be fine soon again. It’s not worth it to lower your prices, or do more for less just because YOU’RE taking a risk. people are afraid and people are losing their jobs, but people still buy sex. Be careful, don’t let people use you or take advantage of you because of the situation, and take care of yourself. If you need help with anything, have questions or so, please send a DM.

// Another escort in Sweden who also sells sex in times like this one.

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  • Natalia (@natalia-ec247e) · · · (#0)
    True ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    • Hec (@hec) · · · Natalia (#150061)
      Natalia and Jessica very much appreciate your input in other posts as well. Besides being beautiful you both are also intelligent and tell it like it is. My only wish is that the both of you would come to the Malmo/Helsingborg/Lund area. Stay safe and healthy, hugs to the both of you :)
  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    She is a nation in debt, with a people in debt, and without reserves.
    When people lose their jobs, and they will, it will become apparent just how much of a lie our "good economy" is and how much of a lie "Sweden is a rich country" is.

    But from a lighter perspective:
    Even if 90% of the world population either goes unemployed or dies, you ladies will always have a market.
  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    The closer to the base of human needs, the safer the job:

    We are animals. People tend to forget that.
  • Jessica xxx (@jessica-xxx) · 100% real pictures....not photoshop xxx new in city xxx call me · · (#0)
    Totally agree!!!!❤️
    The top escorts will never change the prices and go less ❗... But the problem is with new girls😐 this girls come from country where sex is sell with 30€🤢
    Of course our costumers will see the quality of service and they will understand why is the price difference 💋💋💋
    @Jessica xxx
  • Verónica belluci (@veronica-belluci) · Warm Latina call me 0736897861 · · (#0)
    Me parece perfecto cariño así debería, de ser
    @Verónica belluci
  • Blaz (@blaz) · · · (#0)
    i cant agree with what your saying the risk are Huge to anyone involved these times during sex.
    Because anyone can have corona and anyone can spread it!

    Remember this and stay safe all!

    • patrik (@patrik) · · · Blaz (#150191)
      True. The serious and intelligent girls have gone home now, caring themselves and guys here. I think its just the uneducated boy Matsimus who still believe covid is just dangerous for older people. I think everybody now see him as the big fool he is. A lot of younger people have died now in this virus, more than 20 doctors have died in Italy. For sure they were not oldies.
      • patrik (@patrik) · · · patrik (#150193)
        Remember Matsimus statements from earlier thread and the insulting attitude he had against people who didnt shared his opinions. And the few girls who agreed with him only for protect their business and didnt care about the risks for themselves or the customers. A teaspoon saliva contains millions of virus. In Denmark police have start to fine escorts who take clients because they breaking Denmarks social distance law and escorts can get an new entry disqualification for 5 years. Of corse there is a reason this law exist.
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