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Julia (@jullia) · 101 Svar ·

is the first time I put a picture of a client. I'm really sorry but it's not nice what he did. he made me a whore in every way, he walked me through the house and finally he got dressed and told me he would come to rob me, beat me and push me. this has never happened to me. what's going on in Sweden? what do you have good people? the worst experience ... is a frustrated one. he said he put me on all the forums. the worst experience I have had is ☹️

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  • Mrmicke (@mrmicke) · · · (#0)
    Hej vad killen utländsk
  • Olga Playmate · Playboy Cover Model · · (#0)
    Hello Julia! Do you have his number? Would be hard to recognize him with this picture (
    All the best to you!
    @Olga Playmate
  • removed user (@my-account-xxx) · · · (#0)
    dont hawe forums
    @removed user
  • weke (@weke) · · · (#0)
    Please call the police.
  • Antonella · · · (#0)
    Julia Im so sorry for that, I took a dam theif here at 31th january. was tense and he almost killed me with suffocation. But I got run way and beat him. I make Jiu jitsu and self defense. Sweden Is not safe anymore like before and Im leaving this country.
  • removed user (@my-account-xxx) · · · (#0)
    act rude and the rest must be lies if i shall guess
    @removed user
  • Jasmine (@mari) · advertise · · (#0)
    Welcome to Sweden.!! Couple of years ago it wasn't like this. 😥 Unfortunately this days it's seems like people are getting crazy doesn't matter where they come from .Just try to be more selective with who you take and stay safe.
  • Hunk (@hunk) · · · (#0)
    About where, no exact adress of course, does he live in Stockholm ? Were you visiting him ? Have you got any photo of him with skiglasses ?
    • Julia (@jullia) · · · Hunk (#148484)
      Yes i stockolm. I pit hom in black box . Him have this photo at watpp!!
      • Hunk (@hunk) · · · Julia (#148485)
        Cant you publish his photo here ? In what area of Stockholm does he lives ? Does he lives alone or with girlfriend/parents ? Apartment or house ?
        • Julia (@jullia) · · · Hunk (#148486)
          I posted the picture. just that picture I found in the picture in watp. I have nothing to worry about anymore. more I have no place to know. if you have a swish number you can check. give you the name there. happened in kungsolmen stockolm. more details i can't give you because i don't know ... he is from sweden.
          • Hunk (@hunk) · · · Julia (#148487)
            Ok. Well for me it sounds like the police would be interested in this. Violance in any form is carefully regulated in the swedish society, but it might be problematic under these circumstances. On the other hand can't you be judged for selling sex, only him of buying.
    • Hunk (@hunk) · · · Hunk (#148484)
      I mean without skiglasses.
  • Verklighet$~KinG (@verklighets-king) · $pank&banG · · (#0)
    Embarassin' scumbag of the earth ! ! ! Julia provided him with sexual-intercourse & he ill-treated her ! ! ! Where is his got damn dignity ? ! ?
    • do not stress to say what I said for 3 days. everyone gives their opinion. there is no problem. the people who know me know me very well. it only stands to respond to certain people who do not understand what it is. thank you very much
      • Julia (@jullia) · · · Julia (#148532)
        I do not stress anymore to answer. I have put on this forum this experience and some people sit and judge me. that's life . as we said only I can give explanations that there is no point
  • Torkyy · · · (#0)
    A lot of shit happening these days. Hanna gets thrown out of her apartment in malmö, Maya in stockholm almost gets raped and now Julia also in stockholm. Very sad. So for all the ladys out there here is my tip. If you aint got a gun, knife or pepperspray then all you need is SALT. Yes it sounds stupid but a bowl of salt,take a handfull and throw it in the face and the guy will be blinded for a few seconds, just enough time to kick him in the balls.
    • banned user (@wazaka-xd) · · · Torkyy (#148550)
      are you serious maybe depends on youre own attitude why would some one do like this that is some thing you nead to ask youre self
      @banned user
    • weke (@weke) · · · Torkyy (#148550)
      I really don't think that's a good idea. It's not going to incapacitate someone, it just makes them angrier.
      • Maybe, maybe not?
        • weke (@weke) · · · Torkyy (#148559)
          Almost certainly. Presumably in a situation like this, the guy is going to be considerably stronger than the girl.

          So what if she manages to kick him once in the balls? He's probably not just going to run away. What would have been "just" a robbery is now full on assault.
          • Have you ever been kicked in the balls? You just dont stand up and walk after a kick in the balls!
            Another tip is for the girls to take martial arts classes. Bjj where size doesn’t always matter.
            • weke (@weke) · · · Torkyy (#148563)
              I have. It hurts. But it doesn't mean you just give up.
              It's just going to lead to the girl being trapped in their apartment with an already horrible person who is now extremely angry.
    • Carmen Ferrera (@carmen-ferrera) · Svensk ung mistress · · Torkyy (#148550)
      Better if arm ourself with tazers or guns :(
      @Carmen Ferrera
    • Kaplucka · Indigo Lover · · Torkyy (#148550)

      I am quite sure that a lot of these problems could be avoided if the escorts took a little bit more time to speak with their potential customers over the phone. A voice can say quite a lot about a person. I know from experience that quite a lot of escorts can be very short, almost unfriendly over the phone, just to get the booking done and take the next booking. With that hurry they eventually even come in contact with the really crazy men. If you really worry about your own safety, then at least take your time to figure out who it might be your next customer. If you during a conversation feel something is wrong, trust your instincts and don't meet that man. Nutcases often reveal themselves quite quickly in their ways and manners.
      • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Kaplucka (#148575)
        Ted Bundy was quite charming and charismatic back in the days. And u know what? He was a serial killer of women.... so no... you cant always judge by the tone of someones voice if they have mental issues or not
      • Carmen Ferrera (@carmen-ferrera) · Svensk ung mistress · · Kaplucka (#148575)
        70% of all calls I get are from fucking retards and nutcases. Believe me, all girls sort out most of the calls already. If we would meet anybody who calls, all of us would have been robbed and raped by now
        @Carmen Ferrera
      • banned user (@wazaka-xd) · · · Kaplucka (#148575)
        100 % this guy was just messing whit here dont understand why some one did not type it erlier
        @banned user
      • I disagree. You cant hear a voice if you get a text. Some people are just assholes.
      • Julia (@jullia) · · · Kaplucka (#148575)
        I really do not understand why you give your opinion. this forum is for women and men. but I posted this post for women after the site. I really don't understand why you guys give me the honest opinion to be? are you escorts? where can you know that your voice gives you exactly if it is ok or not? sometimes the voice doesn't show everything. looks can be deceiving . you will not give good people with your opinion. I made this post for escorts. is the first time I post this post and everyone (you guys) will give your opinion. I expected the women duo site to ask me not you.
      • Julia (@jullia) · · · Kaplucka (#148575)
        I never spoke badly to clients if they spoke nice to me. before you know me you don't have to give your opinion. yes I agree with you some women do not care how to talk to clients and do not give importance to clients and have little respect or are not interested in talking nice. but we don't have to talk about certain people you met. here is what I encountered. and as I said women should give their opinion on what I posted. because for them I put this post. from now on I will not ask because I see that many people give their opinion. ok give the opinion but since I posted this post everything is commented. please stop. I didn't kill anyone. nobody killed me. I have no time to sit reading what you write. ok i understood your opinion. is enough. thank you nice
        • Matsimus (@lillian) · · · Julia (#148597)
          I admire your patience with those guys, for sure a better temperament than I have :) It seems this thread has been quite derailed from the topic author's original intention.

          Let's hope the rest of this new year has better life experiences in store to offer us all

          Stay safe & take care.
          All the best/
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