Varning för Anastasia i Uppsala

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Vill varna för eskorten Anastasia i Uppsala. De bifogade skärmdumparna visar med all tydlighet vad jag försöker framhäva.

I korta drag bokade jag henne 19:40 2019-06-08. Hon fick adressen att komma till 21:00. 20:35 fick jag ett SMS om att hon inte kan komma, men hon frågar om hennes kompis kan komma i stället och frågar om detta är OK. Enligt henne hade hon precis brutit benet. Går att läsa i detalj i SMS-konversationen. Den intresserade läsaren får själv avgöra om detta anses var OK eller inte.

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    I can not get a rewiw to a person you have not been with and 2 at your hand so cool that I have not come to you I can even post a picture that my foot is not ok
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    and I had the common sense and I said that I can not come and do not see where it says that I would be forced to come to you .. we no longer post on the forum people who bookin and do not come with fake out
    • Pegasus (@pegasus) · Pegasus · · ANASTASIA (#143735)
      And now you have your profile active again, and no word about you haven a broken leg? Just goes to show how "serious" you are as en escort, right? I hope people read this warning and can make up their own minds about your kind of behaviour. Some people just have no shame. No shame at all.
      • I do not have a broken leg I have a problem with the bottle and I do not see what you insist so I can come to see you what the psychopathic person you are .. you gave me a report yourself lock the profile do not understand what you want or you are some PIMP of an escort and it bothers you ?
        • Pegasus (@pegasus) · Pegasus · · ANASTASIA (#143742)
          A problem with the bottle? I can see that. In your text you wrote clear out that you had broken your leg. The message above can be fully really by everybody. I am not a pimp and I was not in any way rude or bad against you. I booked you as a client and you came up with the most strange excuse less than half an hour before our planned meeting. If you have a problem with the bottle, at least try to sober up before you offer services. You just come out as very dishonest and utterly wierd, dear. You need to work on your manners.
    • Lillian (@lillian) · · · ANASTASIA (#143735)
      LOL "broke your leg"... very bad lie, why not just write that a tornado blew your room away or a tsunami drowned your car.... its better to always be honest and not do false bookings. Immature and childish behaviour
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