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The societal reason for the prevalence of escort prostitution

Brady · 2021-01-05 · 0 · 0

The reason why sex workers left behind their traditional workplaces, street corners and brothels, was largely due to laws regulating prostitution. In some Western countries, like today in the Scandinavian countries, where sex workers could and can gain tremendous profits through the sale of sexu...

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The economic reasons for the prevalence of escort prostitution

Brady · 2020-12-22 · 0 · 0

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the widening of the European Union, the handsome daughters of the oppressed and poor countries started off to the Western European countries in the hope of making money. Mainly the famous blonde and brunette sex workers from the nations of Slavic origin ...

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The formation of modern sexwork & escort prostitution

Brady · 2020-12-17 · 0 · 0

Escort prostitution today can thank its existence to a various facts, which together helped the escort prostitution to flourish.The technical reasons for the prevalence of escort prostitutionThe development of escort prostitution is largely due to the technical development, the spread of communicati...

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Escort prostitution in other cultures

Brady · 2020-12-12 · 0 · 0

We can also see examples of prostitutes with similar qualities from the culture of India where these women were called Tawaif, and who gained a great deal of experience in music, theatre, literature, dance and etiquette, all of these to offer the wealthy client a more interesting company. They h...

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Escort & Sexual services in the history

Brady · 2020-12-10 · 0 · 0

The need for quality sexual service appeared quite early in the history when the clientele from the high society felt that interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate in a pleasant and intriguing manner often surpassed the importance of sexual skills. Of course the female beauty was ...

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The emergence of demand for escort services

Brady · 2020-12-10 · 0 · 0

It is well-known that the demand for sexual services is as old as the history of mankind itself, prostitutes have always existed in all historical times to alleviate sexual hunger. Besides the traditional sex-based service, the demand for company-oriented escort service, that is, the tendency th...

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Prostitution and escort service

Brady · 2020-12-03 · 0 · 0

The concepts of prostitution and escort service do not always cover each other, because not all escorts are prostitutes. Prostitution always involves paid sexual activity between a client and a sex worker, but escort service in its literal sense does not always involve sexual activity. In the or...

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Conception of escort service

Brady · 2020-11-23 · 0 · 0

An escort is usually a sex worker who does not make her profession explicit in contrast with a street walking prostitute and does not work within institutional framework (e.g. at a brothel), although it is not excluded that she works through an escort agency. The client has to reserve a date in ...

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With escorts there is no disappointment

Brady · 2020-11-16 · 2 · 0

Contended thus long relationships always end in obesity. Happiness simply fattens you. In the beginning of a relationship stormy and intense sexual intercourses leads to increased food intake as women tend to get hungry after a rocketing orgasm. They lose their body form slowly but surely about ...

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An escort neither does...nor...

Brady · 2020-11-16 · 0 · 0

An escort will never make scenes, will never be jealous, and will never complain if you do not care of her or if you mistreat her. It is true vice versa you will never have affections towards her because you have tried many of them, you have been using many of them because variety delights you t...

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