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Sex and career

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Prostitution exists in many forms in human societies, but for now let me pick up on one, namely the...

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Has an escort got a sense of vocation?

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Exploring the question of the nature of the inborn escort, we can return to the same principles and...

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Is every escort an inborn escort or it is...

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Can a street walker prostitute become a natural escort or can she feel she is just the victim of circumstances?I...

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What’s the difference between a prostitute...

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First of all, let's make it clear that from a business point of view both a prostitute and an escort...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-17.

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Types of pimpsBefore outlining the possible types of pimps, it is worth clarifying that today who are...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-13.

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How and for what reason do certain countries support escort trade? Dealing with the escort industry...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-12.

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Why does someone become an escort?Let's admit that the escort work does not belong to the group of occupations...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-11.

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Who can be an escort?If we approach the question ‘who can be an escort?’ from legal point of view...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-5.

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Escorts’ great returnThe disappearance of escort profession and escort of girls lasted until the renaissance...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-4.

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Why did the trade disappear for a while?The gradual development of the technology and the increasingly...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-3.

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The possible circumstances of the formation of escort trade in the pastIn the past, the formation of...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-2.

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Who the escorts wereContrary to escorts today, escort girls in the ancient times, apart from being attractive, had...

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The Big Book of Escort Trade-1.

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From the beginning to the present dayThe formation of prostitution is surrounded by thousands of mysteries...

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Prostitution in societyProstitution or purchase of sex is banned in some countries and allowed in other...

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Coerced prostitutes, sex slaves

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They are the women who are coerced into providing sexual services, for some conditions, usually for...

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In the trap of escorts - part 2. : Almost...

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Before I get into details about the hookers’ and escorts’ practices, just let me mention those...

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The “Swedish – model”, where clientele...

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In those countries, where prostitution is made legal to some extent, it is regulated by unique laws and...

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In the Trap of Escorts-part 1.

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My topic will be basically on prostitutes and escorts, that is what their opportunity to make a career...

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Where everything is forbidden

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In those countries, where prostitution or escort business are prohibited, order is maintained by strict...

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The prostitution and escort

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The second most important “product” of the sex industry is “offering sexual services in exchange...

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The fight against human trafficking – facts...

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This article is not only for those whom material is needed for their thesis, or who accidentally got...

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