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4.3.2. Sexual paraphilias

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Some sexual paraphilias (sexual perversions) that were dangerous to societies and individuals used to be taboos and crimes at the early stages of human society. Some paraphilias denote dangerous sexual activity that can cause serious illnesses, such as sexual attraction to the dead, necrophilia, or zoophilia, the sexual attraction to animals, although the latter's perception has changed much in Western societies lately. It has happened nowadays that sexual interaction between humans and animals is not so much condemned by society, and among the available sexual services bestiality has turned up, and even websites and organizations have been established to promote zoophilia.  Zoophiles argue that if the animal enjoys the sexual act, why bestiality should be punished and banned, although in most beastly cases, animals are treated only as sexual objects, like women, and treated as prostitutes. The most infamous case is that of an unfortunate orang-utan...

4.3.1. Incest

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Incest was regarded as a deadly sin and taboo even in pre-social times when religion had not yet become a social force. Incest refers to sexual activity within relatives, including family, and, as the name suggests, it results in a kind of infection of the bloodline. The infection is not specifically transmitted by any disease, but the genetic damage that the offspring will suffer. The direct consequence of this is the rapid degeneration of the bloodline, which endangers the survival, the longevity of society, making this sexual activity much to be avoided or a great crime. The best example of the degeneration is in the history when royal and aristocratic families would get married within the noble family to preserve bloodline, and as a result, whole royal families died away due to health problems caused by some genetic disorder that got just worsened in the course of time.

4.3. Sin in societal context: sexually rooted social crimes

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When discussing sex-based social crimes, the fundamental question is raised, that is, why this natural activity, gratifying sexual needs tends to go with so many crimes. Because of this, sex used to be considered a sinful activity in the history of mankind, unless it served the purpose of procreation. In the strict Jewish-Christian interpretation, sexuality can only serve the purpose of childbirth, the pleasure factor being completely excluded from the sexual act. Among ultra-Orthodox Jews, in practice, couples were even separated with a clean white sheet to avoid touching and seeing each other during the sexual intercourse and only a hole was cut into the sheet to include only the primary genitals to take part in the sexual act, because the sight of the female body was considered the source of sin itself, though many consider it a legend. The feminine body was associated with evil, the appearance of the devil, in an attempt to get...

4.2. Venial sins

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The other main type of sins is the wide range of forgiving or venial sins, which are distinguished from the deadly sins by the fact that the perpetrator is either not fully aware of what s/he is doing or has not consented to a sinful activity, which are actually less important than the seven deadly sins or the violation of the Ten Commandments in general. The most typical kind of sin in the escort industry is when a young woman is forced into sexual activity by human traffickers against her own will. In this case she will not commit a deadly sin in religious sense because she has not consented to the sexual act she is involved in or, in the same way, a young escort prostitute recruited by traffickers cannot be aware of what she is doing therefore she cannot be held accountable by either the heavenly or the worldly courts. A more difficult case, however, is another kind of forced prostitution when a woman becomes a prostitute and sells...

4.1. Religious and individual sins

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Investigating individual or religious sins is also important because committing these crimes in the escort industry is typically a common occurrence, and moreover, the escort industry is almost based on it. If, for example, a female escort prostitute considers her client appealing and allows him to have sex with her then she violates Article 6 of the Ten Commandments, the prohibition of adultery "You shall not commit adultery." Now, what does the term "adultery" really mean? Generally speaking, having sex outside the marriage, therefore it applies to those who are not yet married, because if she or he has a sexual affair, of course, they do it with not their spouse, and to those who are married because this is a clear adultery in this case, and finally to those who are widowed or separated from their spouse. So doing any sexual service is, partly, a violation of the sixth article of the Ten Commandments and, on the other hand, one of the deadly sins,...

4. Types of sins

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Types of sin can be categorized from a variety of points of view, of which religious believes, the severity and intensity of sin are the main type-setting criteria. According to the Christian view, it is sin when one knowingly and willingly does not obey the will of God in a serious matter, knowingly breaking the Ten Commandments, which directly lists the ten most important sins. Within the ten most important sins, according to the Jewish-Christian religion, there is also a distinction between the main categories of sins, which committed, the offender can surely expect the most severe punishment in the afterlife. The Ten Commandments and the deadly sins partly denote overlapping sins, but the other part of the sins defined by the Ten Commandments (for example, the prohibition of idolatry) seems obsolete in today's increasingly non-religious Western cultures, but the main sins and their sanctionability are still valid. On the other hand,...

3.3. Sin, guilt, crime

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Although analogous notions, sin is not equivalent with crime, crime is not equivalent with guilt because crime is not a moral category but violation of norm legislated by a society. An act of sin can also be a crime that both society and religious beliefs consider as so, for instance, murder, prostitution, however minor legal cases are not specifically addressed by religion and the church, such as illegal parking, illegal dumping, but in the case of prostitution, it should be noted that pimpery or, more officially to say procuring used to be severely punished, with death, for long time in history[1]. This brings us to the point when it is time to set up a typology of sins. source

3.2. Repentance

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There are two psychological states of mind after the crime has been committed: the resulting remorse leads to repentance when the sinner realizes that they have sinned, and the realization is followed by repentance. Repentance can be passive, that is to say, remorse in negative emotions, but it can also be active, when the sinner does something useful or even useless to mitigate the sin committed and reassure his conscience. A special form of the latter is some form of compulsive action (a psychological condition called OCD: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), when the sinner has lost control of the situation and the guilt manifests itself in repetitive or symbolic actions that are socially not useful and psychologically pathological. The most typical example of this is the manifestation of a distorted conscience of the murderer in various distractions and substitute activities, such as a killer constantly washing bloodstain when it is no...

3.1 Expiation, remorse, punishment and sentence

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Ideally, committing a crime is followed by expiation, which is not the same as punishment because expiation is the mental or physical pain caused by punishment, in other words, the consequence of punishment on the offender. As for punishment, there are two types, one of which is external punishment, that is, some kind of external force, e.g. a state, the Church, a god, the head of family, a domina escort, etc. imposes punishment on the sinner. A special kind of punishment is the one that occurs through various sexual practices, either because the subject likes to punish or because s/he likes to be punished, and this is explicitly related to sexuality, although it should be noted that in extreme cases, sexuality can even be pushed into background in BDSM sessions. The other type of punishment is the remorse of the sinner or inner pain as a consequence of committed sin, which is a distressing, automatic punishment, and is often much more...

2. Different approaches to sin

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As I have mentioned, the origin of moral standards is religious, that is to say, they are set up by a deity, with other words, a system of acts, omissions, and thoughts displeasing to the current god of the culture, while according to non-religious beliefs norms are categorical imperatives of humanity. Thirdly, judgments of sins and virtues can be pragmatic, that is, it is good and bad that is necessary for the success of society and human coexistence. Nowadays, these concepts do not determine human behaviour in a clear, separate way, but of course they all determine it together. For instance, the "don't kill!" Biblical command discourages someone from murder, not only because the Bible forbids it, but also because society still severely sanctions this act in the secular world. And since there are different societies in the world with different religious backgrounds, the concepts of applied sins can be very different as well, therefore...

1. The concept of sin

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Sin is a complex concept that has religious, moral, philosophical, psychological and social implications, which will be discussed separately below. In the most general sense, sin is a single or multiple violation of a moral ethical-social standard, or a continuous state in which sin is regularly committed. It is mostly used in religious contexts as it has religious origin. The violation of standard is primarily an act that the existing system of socio-religious-moral norms considers to be bad, such as prostitution and fornication, which religions generally regard as serious sins, but it can also be the very opposite of it, non-action deed, that is, omission, but it also applies to non-deeds that are present only as thoughts. The judgment of sin is generally determined by religious social standards, as our contemporary societies have built moral values ​​into their system of value from their religion, but these may change from time...


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1. The concept of sin 2. Different approaches to sin 3. Other concepts related to sin 3.1. Expiation, remorse and punishment 3.2. Repentance 3.3. Crime 4. Types of sin 4.1. Religious and individual sins 4.2. Venial sins 4.3. Sin in societal context: sexually rooted social crimes 4.3.1. Incest 4.3.2. Sexual paraphilias 4.3.3. Sexual violence 4.3.4. Prostitution 4.3.5. Human trafficking and organized crime 4.3.6. Migration, crime and sex work 4.3.7. Terrorism 5. Sexual deviancies perceived as socially no sexual sins 5.1. BDSM 5.2. Voyeurism 5.3. Sexual fetishes 5.4. Sexual role playing games

Var är Dan Eliassons medkänsla med Paolo Roberto?

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Inom det vänsterliberala åsiktsetablissemanget råder en allmän uppfattning om att den som begått ett brott och avtjänat sitt straff ska vara förlåten och välkommen tillbaka i samhället. Den principen gäller emellertid inte den som stöter sig med statsfeminismen och det strukturella matriarkatet. Fallet med Paolo Robertos sexköp är ett tydligt exempel på politisk dubbelmoral.Den offentliga diskussionen efter att kändisen och före detta ”värstingen” Paolo Roberto ertappats med att köpa sex har utvecklats till en kökkenmödding av moraliserande präktighet, politiskt hyckleri och radikalfeministiska konspirationsteorier. Frånsett en och annan sex- och eskortarbetande kvinna verkar alla ense om att Roberto ska förklaras fredlös som jordens avskum. ..... fortsättning i länken......

Relation among the parts of sex industry

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Is there any relation between natural escort profession and other industries like porn?  For any escort, it is important to have an attractive look as well as a sexual palate that does know no boundaries and conventions. These are common points with an industry, which is the porn industry. A pretty, well-groomed woman easily draws attention and excites, which is not only crucial in escort profession but also in porn industry. In addition, there is a need for loose morals to be able to pursue sex business openly. Though an escort’s work is much more private and intimate than that of a porn actor, yet what is usually treated as taboo is their occupation. This makes them vulnerable to the judgment of people. An escort cultivates sex as trade but she or he does it like a private individual, unlike an actress or escort who just acts out a role while having sex. This is the big difference between the two. It's like placarding what...

What is the proportion of natural escorts in the sex trade?

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Those escorts who are successful are likely to fall into the category of natural escorts, who are born to be an escort. It's hard to make statistics, but if we take all of the escorts into account, it's likely that there are more in numbers the average escorts than successful ones. The successful, high-quality group of escort is primarily determined by mediocrity. There must be a mediocre layer - the majority - from which a prominent minority can be categorized as an exclusive escort. The successful natural escorts are relatively easy to find on the sex market. If we look at escort pages, popular escort prostitutes advertise sexual services on more websites because they can afford it financially. Ergo their presence on the sex market is more salient, getting more easily in sight of sex clients. These so-called banners are like a poster that promotes escort services with an eye-catching image and edited text composition. The daily...

What are the factors that have an effect on natural escorts’ performance in the profession?

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Escort work involves a very complex workflow. Each escort meeting has its schedule to go, but each encounter has its uniqueness. What the uniqueness of the current meeting lies in is to be assessed by escort on the spot and choose the best possible role accordingly. That with what enthusiasm and dedication someone does the trade depends largely on the relationship between the escort and the profession. But if we want to go into more detail about it, it's not just about the relationship with the profession, but about the escort’s relationship with work. An example is going to be an escort who was ignored by her/his parents in childhood. The father was an alcoholic who would suppress or beat the mother, and program the child to be a never-do-well, who would not amount to anything in life. Well, this is just enough traumas for any children to have difficulties in life when growing up. S/he will never believe to be successful once. S/he will...

Who is the perfect escort?

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What makes a perfect whore become a perfect escort? Does s/he only give physical pleasure or is s/he able to act as a companion (e.g. girlfriend, wife, someone to talk to, who is easy to appear with)As already mentioned, escorts are not only specialized in selling sexual services, but primarily in offering their time to buy. If a customer pays an escort for her/his time, it does not necessarily involve sexual activity at the end of the meeting. Sex is an option only if escort and client agree to have sexual intercourse. It is important to lay down this because escort - given that she or he is not a prostitute in the strict sense of the word - does not promise a clear sexual service. Sex is just a possible outcome of escort meeting. Although customer pays, but he must also be aware that he does not buy sex but the time of escort, so if the escort does not agree to have sex then she or he cannot be held accountable. It's a bit like a simple...

••• COVID-19 Exposure vs. Sex & Money •••

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COVID-19 is invisible to the naked eye. However, it is a DEADLY REALITY. During this global health crisis, if you are willing to RISK your HEALTH and the health of those in your life, simply to empty your pung or make a few thousand SEK, you should really REALLY re-evaluate your LIFE PRIORITIES . You clearly do not have much value in yourself and you have a DEATH WISH. Simply put, you’re fucking up in the game of life! That behavior is frightening and sad. Personally, I believe many of the advertisers who are still posting to meet in person, are likely those who are not working volunteerily - the ones who are sex trafficking victims. No FREE intelligent human being, with self-esteem would expose his or herself to a stranger for money, under the current world health circumstances. It is like assisted suicide. Even more frightening and sad! My suggestion to all service providers, consider temporarily altering your services to digital content...

Business plan of escort career

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Does a natural escort have a consciously set up business plan or does she act instinctively? Which is the more profitable in the long run? If natural or true-born born escorts exist, then it is possible that certain essential personality features needed to success in the profession may be inherent in them. While others need to learn how to attract sex clients and feel their desires and expectations, there may also be escorts who have the innate attraction and sensitivity to win sex customers. These are skills that are subjectively measurable, and defining the technique how to make use of them during sex work is difficult due to its complexity. Possessing them in the beginning of escort career can be a great advantage, as escorts do not have to invest time and extra energy in learning the patterns of behaviour that are beneficial and even indispensable in this profession. On the other hand, in favour of escorts that need learning and self-education,...

Dangers of sex business

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Does a true-born escort realize the concomitant dangers of sex business and how can she do against them? Does every escort stand up to them consciously or just some of them? Is it indispensable for success?Generally speaking, every profession has its own dangers, which sooner or later workers will have to face with. If one is aware of occupational danger factors, they can consciously prepare for them and stand up with a developed strategy. This is not different in the escort profession. In our previous paragraph, we have already explored what risk factors could endanger escort career, and now we would like to see how these obstacles can easily be taken. First of all, escorts have to know what it is about. If they don't want to notice the problem and instead keep looking for excuses not to change, it won't be a successful strategy. Obviously not everyone has the same level of emotional and general intelligence to recognize that they are...

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