What are the factors that have an effect on natural escorts’ performance in the profession?

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Escort work involves a very complex workflow. Each escort meeting has its schedule to go, but each encounter has its uniqueness. What the uniqueness of the current meeting lies in is to be assessed by escort on the spot and choose the best possible role accordingly. That with what enthusiasm and dedication someone does the trade depends largely on the relationship between the escort and the profession. But if we want to go into more detail about it, it's not just about the relationship with the profession, but about the escort’s relationship with work. An example is going to be an escort who was ignored by her/his parents in childhood. The father was an alcoholic who would suppress or beat the mother, and program the child to be a never-do-well, who would not amount to anything in life. Well, this is just enough traumas for any children to have difficulties in life when growing up. S/he will never believe to be successful once. S/he will not dare to notice what to long for, ignoring his or her potential ideas, saying that s/he won’t be able to carry out anything. When growing up, this traumatic child will always be blaming his / her environment for everything, and will only drift as a victim of events instead of making self-determination and possibly changing his or her life. Once she faces prostitution, she will feel like a victim, and she will not have enough confidence to quit if she does not like it. She may also be happy with the life situation, because she is lazy enough not to strive for a step forward, and this laziness is what will determine her work. She will not do her best to please sex clients, but necessary minimum effort. Such a prostitute is unlikely to become an escort once, not a successful escort, of course. It is precisely because of the lack of things that we have already explained that they are essential for the success in the escort profession.

What else can determine the outcome of escort career? It is enough if an escort does not have enough self-confidence and therefore lacks the determination and self-assertion. She is the one who has the humility and push, but her self-confidence is not enough to be able to get on. There will always be a barrier like crossing levels through which she does dare to go. If she does not work to accept her shortcomings, she will not be able to move from one to the other. Such a lack of self-confidence or hindrance may be due to the mocking of fellows in childhood. She was different from the others and could not fit into the social environment. This otherness may have originated from her nature or from her look. And while she later tried to adopt herself to the situation, she had to build the walls around her, which made her inhibited at an early young adult age. The appearance in this profession is of paramount importance, and one who suffers from a physical deficiency may be at a great disadvantage. Although there are cases in which the existing deficiency can be corrected by surgery, I am thinking of any plastic surgery. Considering that they have extremely expensive, an escort is forced to face her/his deficiency until being able to finance the surgical interventions. There may also be cases where an escort has to live with an abnormality that today's medicine can only help very hard or not. For example, the blemished skin resulting from the lack of pigment is such. But we can take a simpler example than a surgical scar. The reservedness due to the person’s inhibitions may be attractive to someone, but it can make escort life much more difficult in terms of the career.

Several other features could be brought up that influence success in escort trade, many of which have already been discussed before, for instance, negative quality is the lack of empathy, selfishness and insipidity, while the most important personality features are social sensitivity, acceptance of the sex clients, humbleness toward work, ambition and sense of purpose. As for the appearance, beauty is either given or not, however, the sense of style, which has a great influence on escort’s look, can be learned. Furthermore, escorts often have to rely on creativity and quick wits, as they have to stay strong in many kinds of situations where there is often no time to think.

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