If it develops later, then what external effects can it cause to be an escort?

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What can lead to the event that someone becomes an escort? Is it social or financial status?
Why does someone choose this profession? (for example, bad parental relationship, domestic violence, shame)
Is it fashionable to be an escort? 

We can often see or hear about girls who are lifted out of misery called the birthplace with the promise of better life, and then they are made to work as an escort - or as any other sexual service provider - in another country. It is a fact that financial difficulty and hopelessness can easily encourage these girls to make their living as a prostitute, especially in a place where there is no other job opportunity. Considering the fact that these girls lifted from poverty do not get high, but maybe even basic education, and they would not be able to break out of their hopeless situation with their own strength, so these girls hearing that they could create better earning opportunities and living standards, they will accept to be a prostitute without hesitation - given that they are likely to are subjected to sexual harassment or violence at home. This vulnerable and hopeless situation may encourage someone to look around somewhere else to work under the hands of someone, but at least for money, either as an escort or other sexual service provider. 

There are girls who get into the situation where they have to work as an escort against their will. It is possible that poverty drives such a girl to work as a prostitute, having said yes to an offer promising good salary under the disguise of a hostess job, and will eventually become a victim of prostitution. It is terribly difficult for an escort girl to break out of the spinning wheel, as the controlling pimple is in the decision-making position for the fate of the escort. Such girls are likely to do all this for "survival", not because they have had the desire to be escorts ever in their life. However, can it ever happen that an ill-fated escort girl manages to move up on the career ladder to eventually become a luxury escort? Does she recognize the potential of her profession and does she have the extra that will drive her forward to break out of the dark halls of prostitution?

If there are escorts who do not start at the bottom of the rank and work from their own will without external compulsion, then how do they get into this profession? The twenty-year-old generation face a great pressure when they get out of their parents' helping hands, having to manage their livelihoods alone; they may not have finished their studies yet, and in addition, they live in a country where even a graduation at a university cannot create good opportunities in the labour market. But, as luck should have it, Internet is full of all kinds of erotic and escort job ads, including ones that offer excellent job opportunities with plenty of money to be earned in a short time. Our naive subject opens, reads the advertisements, and feels that she has the opportunity to earn money besides doing the university: online chat and nothing more else to do, just to chat up with a perfect stranger. Of course, there is more info in the e-mail information. Our perfect stranger client pays a minute fee to talk to the girl, ergo if she wants to earn more money than she will have to do something more such as flashing tits, stripping naked, masturbating. And it is true, nice sum of money can be made in a few days or a week, doing it for a few hours a month. And then there's still time to learn. There is one that takes on and starts to make good money besides the university, making herself believe that she will give it up as soon as she finishes the university, because she will be a well-paid job, but then she will realize that working as an escort is much easier to earn a lot of money, provided she can lose her inhibitions. And it is possible that she might receive clients in her apartment. Finally, she will become an escort, earning a lot of money, and she will not want to lower her standard of living.

And we haven't even talked about models, some of which are known to become an escort sooner or later. Already at the beginning of their careers, they live on their appearance, and it is only a matter of time when they receive an irrevocably good offer in return for which they will have to give sexual services. With more and more of this kind of cases happening to her, she will be so immune to such moral horrors that, for the sake of a good job and money, why not meet sexual demands? Then more and more money appear and she will find herself working in the escort profession. Due to her potential media presence during the model career, she will be even more sought after by her attractive and known appearance, and if she has the necessary intelligence level, having set up her business strategy, she will be able to get into such societal circles where she can spend her time with luxury clients at an extremely high hourly rate while occasionally satisfying extreme sexual desires.

So there are excellent financial opportunities in the escort trade, and of course, it is not an indispensable factor where to start the sex business. The lower chances are to get onto the top of the career ladder, the deepest the misery and poverty is where someone comes, but with due courage and inborn talent to be an escort, it is possible to become a true-born escort.

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