How does the look influence the attitude of escorts?

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What can make a beautiful woman repulsive and an ugly woman attractive? A nice escort tends to be choosy, so there is less chance for her to grow clientele, while if a less beautiful but erotic escort with guts is more open, her good reputation can spread more easily.

Escorts with attractive and impressive look - and they are aware of it - have a higher chance of feeling in the saddle than their escort counterparts with less aesthetic appearance, due to which they have to do their best to obtain a sex client. This in itself indicates to us that there is a perceptible difference in the attitude of nice escorts and the less beautiful ones. Why? Perhaps because escorts whom men die for because of their pretty face and well-shaped body, that is to say, their innate genetic qualities make them think that as any sex client is already won by the beautiful look therefore no effort is necessary to be made to carry out a quality escort service during escort time. It is a fact that sex clients prefer appearing in the company of beautiful-looking escorts at restaurants, bars and different social events etc. where the escort is present as a company of client. In this respect, pretty women have won. However, it might be possible to have fun with a nice escort because of her aesthetic body exciting the client, but because of her confident attitude she is more likely not to do as many extras as a less attractive one, and in addition, she is also more likely to select sex clients, saying that since men entreat her favour she can select her sex clients, so it is not necessary to serve anyone, or do some extreme sexual service that she has no palate for. Even if she does not say no to certain sex clients or extras, since she knows that she can get a new customer any time, her sexual service tends to be pervaded by the kind of attitude that she is doing a favour to the sex client, which is well-known in the service sector to have a negative effect on the quality of the service. Escort's service will thus be more mechanical than sensual and, if not deliberately and directly the sex client is likely to be made to feel the inferiority. Of course, her lovely and seductive look can counterbalance this disappointment, but the question is how many customers will be lost due to her choosy and prudish escort work morale. However, a less beautiful escort sees things differently, because she knows that she will not win men just by her mere appearance. To build a sex clientele, she needs to have a conscious strategy. Not just how to grab a potential sex client's attention, but how to keep it after serving him. An escort has to be more humble and tougher to be able to excite the sex client because he will not be turned on at the sheer sight of the naked female body. Therefore she has to find something extra, which is the beautiful look of the beautiful escorts, but for her, for instance, it will be the quality of applied sexual techniques. It may also be that, in spite of her less good physical traits, there is something attractive in her personality that grabs the client - of course, it is not worth basing the carrier on , as we have already talked that judging attraction is very subjective. If she happens to recognize it then she has to come to the conclusion that she needs to counterbalance her physical disadvantages with sexual techniques, as well as with the attention and attitude that the client perceives indirectly. If it is needed she establishes a more personal relationship with sex customers, which means she is willing to provide more in her sexual services in terms of intellectuality and emotion than an attractive escort in order to keep her sex clients.  That which strategy will work is hard to judge. What makes a nice escort miss due to her attitude e.g. regular sex clients will be made up by her look attracting occasional clients to accompany them to events and meetings. At the same time, due to the humble work and dedication of the less attractive escort, she can build a larger and regular sex clientele base, which implies having a solid financial income.

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