Does it matter if there is no devotion in sex service and it is felt that escort forces herself to do escort service?

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 Is it disturbing and revealing? 

In the case when an escort has taken the profession not out of her own will, then she is probably not likely to show such devotion and commitment to sex work as other escorts who do escort profession on their own will, at least in the beginning of their career. The fact that someone is just drifted into the escort profession or consciously chooses the career will not necessarily affect the attitude of the escort to work in the long run. Suppose that those escort who only have been forced into a situation where they have to cover housing and other expenses by doing sex work, as time progresses, they will realize that this work actually can be done well. And if the work is performed well, a lot of money can be earned, and if they occasionally earn more money, they do not have to work so much. So the initial attitude that they have to do sex work may turn into a consciously devoted working attitude. However, this option is more likely to happen to those who have better opportunities in life than to those who are forced to carry out sex work as a victim of human traffickers or pimps. Escorts in dire necessity will not have much say in whether to like or dislike the profession, it has to be done while there is not too much opportunity to get ahead in life. This kind of sex worker does sex services at a low rate, and most of the earning will be passed on to pimp, so she is in a completely vulnerable position. Her work attitude will not change too much, since however hard she does her best to earn more, pimp will skim the profit. From the sex client's point of view, it is not so decisive for her to provide a devoted, humble or mechanical service. We could say that for the low tariff she's working on, nothing more can be expected.

However, in case of upper-class escorts, it is rather uncomfortable if the sex client feels that the escort is forcing her/himself to work. Of course, it easily happens that the escort does not feel her dreams coming true when sexually satisfying strangers, but if she wants to make good sums of money, it is the minimum requirement to learn how to conceal her disgust. The client pays the escort to make him feel good, and he has chosen her because he favours her nice look and sexual orientation and favourite sexual services. It is also in the interest of the escort to have a successful escort meeting, so the meeting for both parties will be satisfactory. The sex client gets sexual satisfaction and the escort can get a regular client and several new clients with him. The positive feedback appearing on an escort site as review is the best advertisement for an escort. If the escort has disappointed a sex client - for example, she does not look like the same in the reality as in the picture or the quality of the sex service is poor - then it will reflect on her negatively and consequently her reputation will be damaged among sex clients. If the escort fulfils the sex client's requests, however she apparently looks disgusted thus does not do her best to carry out sex service, then the quality will also decrease again, and so will her reputation.

There has been talk about the importance of acting skills in the escort profession. In this case, it seems to be proven again that the potential in the escort profession remains unexploited without the ability of acting, since if the sex client does not feel important and his needs are disregarded during escort meeting, the service provided by the escort will remain as a negative experience in the client.

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