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BDSM parties

Another sexual trend in the 20th century is going to BDSM parties, where you can buy a ticket as if you do it when you want to see a movie. This is slightly an underground style of sex-entertainment where sexual fetishists and the audience that love humiliation and hardcore sex can enjoy the show. These BDSM parties feature BDSM actors and actresses who perform sex acts in which prostitute actresses are nailed, bonded, raped, deep-throated and penetrated with sex-machines hard according to a scenario, while the viewers sit or stand around and enjoy the scene. This type of sexual entertainment does not come cheap, but if someone happens to try it out, prepare to go through his wallet too have such a sexual experience.
In addition, there are sex expos, porn shows, and different promos to entertain sex-funs. It would be a fair question to ask whether porn is just a sort of entertainment, or serve as a means of sexual gratification. Maybe it is, it is. The boundaries are blurred. In the sixties in America, for example, cinemas would show porn. What is certain is that a whole industry has been built up on the gratification of sexual and pornographic fantasies and sexual perversions, which are rather different from the form of sex that occurs in a relationship.

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