4.3.5. Human trafficking and organized crime

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Human trafficking as a social crime is now regarded as part of the violence against women, since the victims of human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution are primarily women and young females . And cross-border human trafficking requires a well-functioning criminal organization, bringing together the three types of crimes in the globalized world . Since the abolition of slavery, human trafficking is a serious social crime as it violates human rights, which is a pillar of modern societies, and on the other hand human trafficking is closely linked to illegal prostitution, which produces huge amounts of uncontrolled money, helping other forms of organized crime, so it is in the fundamental interest of society to fight it. Human trafficking does not only serve as a link between the illegal sex industry and prostitution, but also serves other illegal activities, such as organ trafficking, but we are dealing with it only in the context of prostitution and sex business.

The authorities have known a number of cases of human trafficking for sexual purposes, the most typical of which is the transfer of young, under-educated or illiterate women from very poor areas to make them sex slaves somewhere abroad, as it is experienced by the Nepalese Mother Teresa . These unfortunate women traverse the deepest pits of prostitution in a terrible combination of slavery and coerced prostitution, which can almost no longer be called pure prostitution, but rather sexual exploitation, the cruellest form of prostitution. As these women are smuggled into a given western country, they cannot leave their place of residence, that is, they are locked in to prevent the illicit activity from leaking, thus getting known by authorities. Somewhat luckier, but not at all better is the situation of uneducated women who are lured abroad with good escort-job prospects and then, upon their arrival, their passports is confiscated and they are intimidated by various lies, for example, their families are threatened or report them to the local authorities where they can face very severe punishment for prostitution, that is to say, they are blackmailed. This is how they are usually made unmovable and thus very cheap, having them done a lot of sex work, giving them the illusion of freedom that if they pay the very petty brokerage fee they can leave.


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