4.1. Religious and individual sins

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Investigating individual or religious sins is also important because committing these crimes in the escort industry is typically a common occurrence, and moreover, the escort industry is almost based on it. If, for example, a female escort prostitute considers her client appealing and allows him to have sex with her then she violates Article 6 of the Ten Commandments, the prohibition of adultery "You shall not commit adultery." Now, what does the term "adultery" really mean? Generally speaking, having sex outside the marriage, therefore it applies to those who are not yet married, because if she or he has a sexual affair, of course, they do it with not their spouse, and to those who are married because this is a clear adultery in this case, and finally to those who are widowed or separated from their spouse. So doing any sexual service is, partly, a violation of the sixth article of the Ten Commandments and, on the other hand, one of the deadly sins, lewdness, which is a sinful propensity to desire or enjoy sexual pleasure unreasonably. Of course, lust and adultery are closely related terms, because anyone who loves sex too much will probably not be able to keep their sexual activity just within marriage, so they embark on the path of adultery. To understand why it was so important to humanity in the early times that sexuality should fall into two categories of prohibition (adultery, lewdness), we should go back to the early days when religion helped develop social construction, that is, society has always been able to best develop when it is based on families, therefore the institution of family had and has to be protected in some way in order for the natural human reproduction to occur and to grow up safely in normal conditions. In the light of what was said it is understandable why prostitutes were so disgusted at the beginning of human history when, at the divine command, our human race was about to multiply and propagate in order to populate the earth. Nowadays, the situation has been reversed, overpopulation has put our civilization in jeopardy, and the global regulation of the rapidly growing human population has become an important social issue. Perhaps this is why Western people, in particular, do not view sex as morally as their predecessors did, and prostitution, escort industry, and promiscuity have been becoming common. Sexuality seems to be slowly slipping away from its moral hook and being interpreted as an average biological need that needs to be met, and what the escort industry is built on. This process is reinforced by the findings of modern medicine on sexuality, most notably that unsatisfied sexual desire can turn into a morbidity or mental malady, so a part of healthy life is proper sexual satisfaction, and if something goes wrong in a marriage, the various sexual escort services will surely solve it. This has further enhanced by modern psychology, which went so far as to state that regular sexual life in adolescent years has an essential role to play in becoming a healthy and balanced adult individual.
Somewhat in another passage of the Tenth Commandment a similar prohibition is formulated when it states that a God-fearing person, if they want to be good, shall not desire neighbour's wife, husband or maidservant, that is, they must not commit adultery as it is a deadly sin. In the context of escort industry, a male sex-client obviously cheats on his wife, and on the other hand, as an escort can be married, so it is double adultery when the sex-business is done.
The tenth article also mentions the neighbour's ox and donkey, but it is for sure that theft, appropriation is meant, not sexual intercourse, whereas in the former case it would be difficult to interpret a mere desire for property over a wife and a maid. So, fornication is all forms of sexual life that does not come from a God-blessed marriage bond, but it is a broader concept, so what else do we still consider to be fornication? English language divides the two terms  by distinguishing between adultery and casual sex between two unmarried people (fornication), but if it had been known how much problems ungratified sexuality would cause in adulthood! As for the sexual act itself, fornication does not apply to sexual practices that do not serve the purpose of childbirth because, according to the Book of Moses, mere forms of sexual pleasure in marriage are not considered fornication, even if they are unusual or perverted, in other words, unusual or perverse sexual practices when practiced between spouses are not considered fornication. Of course, in reality, it is often seen that sex-clients visit escort prostitutes with sexual needs to be satisfied that could not be available at home because of the wife judging them perverted, the best example of which is the high demand for BDSM escort services. Taking an example, a high-ranking husband loves being beaten, humiliated by an escort because he is accustomed to instructing people, and leaving behind his role, under the whip of an escort dominatrix, he may be free again, getting rid of the cramps of his high position, that is, he uses it as a kind of escape. He would not be able to do this with his wife at home, because she may be in a subordinate position to her high-earning husband, so she cannot break her husband free of his everyday personality, and on the other hand, humiliating her husband will result in a loss of position within the family, so this is why the humiliating act of strap-on dildo penetration is not feasible in husband-wife relation.
Deadly sins in religious sense and other types of individual crimes not sanctioned by society are often found in escort profession, the next of which is envy. It is not uncommon to see that an escort becomes envious of another escort’s success and popularity who she lives and works together in a tenancy, and she begins to bear hatred toward her, which often ends up in a variety of unpleasant acts that are themselves sins, one of which is actually the prohibition of the Ten Commandments, namely, "Shall not steal!" Since we know there is a huge cash flow in sex business, and the accumulated money being hidden somewhere tends to disappear sometimes with the help of another escort, which can cause a lot of inconvenience.  Thus, committing theft may be directed toward other escort prostitute, that is, he or she is the victim of the theft, or it may committed against sex clients, whose money and other valuables may get stolen during sexual service. 
Envy may often trigger resentment and anger, especially when envy reaches such intensity that, in this case an escort, she tends to interpret all of her troubles as the consequence of her colleague’s success. For example, the clients of an escort girl who is gradually coming down are beginning to prefer another escort’s sexual services, perhaps younger and more beautiful one, which has the consequence of earning less and less money. To make up for lost money, she will be forced to receive worse, more problematic sex clients. The result will be deterioration in quality of life, greater stress caused by problematic sex clients, and less money by losing wealthy sex clientele, which may make the escort blame the other sex worker for her failures, eventually developing hatred. And hatred is a bad advisor, which can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially when escorts do sex-work in a shared tenancy.
Gluttony is another of the most common and often dangerous deadly sin in escort industry. When hearing the word gluttony, people tend to think of food or drink consumed in high quantity, meaning that the sinner can reach no satisfaction in eating or drinking, especially in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but nowadays it is necessary to include the enjoyment of drugs. An escort must obviously be wary of excessive calorie intake in order to maintain his / her good shape, so that he / she should remain attractive to sex clientele, so he / she simply cannot be gluttonous, although the excess intake of food and drink characterizes the stronger sex anyway. But as for drug consumption, there is no difference between the two genders that are equally stricken by drug addiction. This is particularly true for women working in escort profession, who in large numbers, according to statistics, consume drugs and become addicted to it and eventually victim of it.  There are several reasons to explain this phenomenon, the most important of which is that drug helps to endure and survive at this sometimes cruel work. "Women use drugs to be able to work as prostitutes ..." . The other case that interests us in the context of sin is that some popular escort sex workers can simply afford to consume the best drugs and just cannot resist the effects of drugs, which can eventually turn into addiction quite easily. However, gluttony as deadly sin in terms of drugs is difficult to grasp because it is not easy to decide whether the addiction itself makes sex workers gluttonous or the high pleasure value of expensive drugs develops the propensity to become excessive in consuming drugs. This is also true for sex-clients, who often consume drugs to enhance their sexual enjoyment.
It is also true for sex clients that their porn consumption is the highest and most diversified, so it is no coincidence that they seek the experience in reality that they have seen so far only in virtual reality. A common consequence of this is that sexually poorly socialized young porn users become sex offenders because they do not realize that what they see on porn sites is just a theatre where paid actors and actresses work, and in reality, say the sexual humiliation of female partner through urination on her, pushing in eyes and other aggressive acts do not work. An escort or escort prostitute can be hired to perform a sexual sadomacho service, which will not be a cheap service, but in general, such sex clients or men with such attitudes will quickly be disappointed not to get what they see on the screen, which can easily make them become aggressive because of their frustration. A number of other patterns of sexual offences can be seen on porn sites, such as the most typical paedophilia, and since underage prostitution is one of the most serious social crimes, these sex-consumers will not find individuals selling sexual services at their illegal age and this will force them to hunt for them, which is a rather alarming effect of web porn. 
As we have already seen, one sin is linked to another, which is like a chain; none of them is separated from the others. The next one linked sin to be discussed is sloth, which has a very strong connection with the other sins, and as the saying goes, the source of all sins is inactivity, that is, sloth. If one has nothing to do, then in the Christian view, the devil is most likely to visit the man of mould, bringing up bad ideas on how to spend time, which of course will always be a sinful activity. So sloth can be said to be the hotbed of all sins, which is why it is important to mention when discussing sins. Generally, sloth is simply identified with laziness, but it is not only physical inactivity, but also spiritual as well, or, on the contrary, it can be identified with some sort of too much activity, such as workaholism . Originally, sloth was meant in spiritual sense, that is, one was counted as lazy person who did not work to keep in spiritual touch with God, and this inactivity later extended to mean someone who could do good deeds but did not want to, or simply one who was just lazy. In everyday terms, sloth is indeed a source of trouble, both in the short and long term. It is often seen that those who are bored tend to spend their time eating, drinking (another deadly sin: gluttony), which results primarily in obesity or alcoholism. In the long run, sloth has more serious consequences, such as missing opportunities of prosperity because those who are lazy to learn new things and skills will have less chance of adapting to a changing future, because instead of studying, they waste their time by doing nothing or indulging in something pointless.
Sloth can also be a big problem in the field of sexuality, both for sex workers mainly from business point of view and for partners in everyday sexual life. It would be advisable for a sex worker in the escort industry to be as active as possible about what she/he is going to do when sexual charms no longer allow them to sell sexual services. They cannot be slothful, as they should have a plan, the knowledge and skills needed to carry out the plan to be able to switch profession smoothly when the time comes, not just keep enjoying the high income. As for sexual practices, it is also advisable for common people to always be active and creative in their sexual practices, looking for new ways to make their normal or bored sex life more interesting, as it is very common for a husband to have access to various and exciting sexual services of escorts, by doing so committing another crime (fornication, adultery).
Sloth as a physical inactivity, or boredom, is often a great motivator for crimes as well, especially those related to sexuality. Boredom is a major predisposing factor for visiting sexually explicit internet content, which has similar effect to drugs, as more and more of it is to be consumed by consumers, not to mention the fact that porn develops and shapes sexual habits, especially aggressive sexual predispositions, as it has been mentioned before. The same study links pleasure-producing dopamine secretion to pornography, which identifies it as the easiest source of pleasure hormone, so it's no wonder that regular porn viewers can become addicted. Considering the fact that in the real world, without a lot of money, it is almost impossible to achieve as many and as many kinds of female beauty as it is through just a few clicks on the Internet, we can suspect that there must be some sort of side effect of reaching sexual pleasure so easily, because nature usually doesn't allow an individual to enjoy so much sexuality, even if it is virtual. In the reality sexuality ideally means a lot of effort, i.e. courting a woman takes long time and defeating rivals even requires mental and physical involvement, so enjoying sex requires a lot of work, not like sitting in front of a computer and clicking. Here comes the serious consequence of porn addiction: erectile dysfunction, which affects the sex business, not only because of the negative behavioural samples learned from porn posing danger on prostitutes and escorts, but also because of the dissatisfaction and excessive expectations of porn-addicted sex-clients. According to a study, this is due to the rewarding neurotransmitter in the human brain, the earlier mentioned dopamine.  Dopamine is secreted when the body is engaged in some healthy activity, e.g. eating, drinking, and engaging in sex, which helps you survive, both momentarily and in the long run. If, on the other hand, the brain is fooled in a virtual way, there is a consequence. Excessive dopamine production hyperactivates the body for pleasure-inducing activity, which is regular viewing of pornography, and it points the way of achieving sexual excitement and satisfaction, which is nothing more than watching and masturbating. However, sexuality is a multi-channel communication through other neural pathways, such as touch, smell, play, etc. Excessive watching porn fixes sexual arousal only on spectacle, then sexual gratification on masturbation, so in a real situation it simply does not work to develop sexual arousal. For example, in a real-life situation, a sex client accustomed to pornography simply cannot see the whole body of the prostitute or escort from multiple angles as he usually does on the screen, and as a result, he does not get enough sexual excitement. On top of it, odours, strong scents, minor body flaws further worsens the chance of turning on because sex-client is so used to the immaterial female perfection that comes from simple clicks. On the other hand, the physical inactivity of watching pornography and simple masturbation also has a detrimental effect on the muscular system responsible for sexual movements, which, in a real situation, does not function properly, leading to an act of inefficiency in sex, as clicking and the minimal physical involvement of masturbation gets them unused to physically sometimes very demanding movements in a sexual situations.

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