4. Practical tips

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![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/d/2/c/resize-0-0-0/500/300/d2c8361707bad2991365f9cea345759c.jpg) After the service it is quite practical to pay attention to how our appearance how we leave the escort or prostitute as the rendezvous might have its signs and smells on us. The most basic thing I am thinking of is lipstick prints, but a proper dominatrix service tends to leave its violent traces of lash so it is crucial to be aware of the necessity of covering or making the traces disappear, or if it impossible, it is advisable to invent some explanation about the bruises or lash traces so that we won’t have to make up a story when discovered by a suspecting wife or girlfriend. As I have mentioned the fact we have visited a prostitute or escort can be easily felt or smelled on us through the perfume of sex-worker, which is quite likely to be detected straight away by jealous partners. Therefore punters are highly recommended to take a thorough bath after sexual service to cover up the tracks. Long female hair also can betray punters, especially if it is entangled in pubic hair because this is what cannot be explained, the biggest mistake though punters rarely want another blowjob from their partner after visiting prostitute.

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