3. Technical tips

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![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/e/1/3/resize-0-0-0/500/300/e134a4c8159263e708c7ef8d0600f392.jpg) It is very crucial as well as practical to use an own, private computer to browse the selection of different escort agencies as a wife or a girlfriend can easily find out in the history of internet searches how we spend our secret free time. If it is not possible, it is better to do it on our smart phone, but since the operational system automatically synchronizes the hardware, we have to be very careful as it can be traced down on the family computer where we browsed. So what we have to do first is switch off the automatic synchronisation or delete all search record or disable the record history option. Besides it is also useful to have your user account protected from curious eyes because there are so many kinds of spy programmes on the software market that we can easily get caught. This is also why it is not practical to use the home computer to browse prostitutes and escorts. Younger generation is much more skilful at computing so children may find out the unpleasant fact that daddy in some pig fancy dress is ass-fucked with a monster strap-on dildo worn by a big-breasted transvestite twice a week, which would not do any good to any children’s mental development anyway. This is also true of smart phones as browsing can be easily traced down as modern phones are like mini-computers. Still, we use our phones to look for prostitutes and escorts, let us not forget to disable the automatic history record of the browsing.

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