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![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/3/f/b/resize-0-0-0/500/300/3fbe31c26970ea4963c83e89db542da3.jpg) Let me begin with the simplest, the biological by which those foods is meant that punters possibly should avoid to consume before going drabbing, which is quite likely to have a negative effect on his paid sexual experience, if not prevent it from developing, due to the unpleasant consequences of intense digestion. One does not have to be a scientist to find out that posterior transpiration, with scientific term, farting does not tend to contribute significantly to the deepening of sexual experience. Although a small number of discrete fart cannot ruin the paid intimacy between client and sex-worker, but it cannot be considered a pleasant occurrence, especially if the farts have sulphurous atmosphere thanks to the consumption of large number of boiled eggs, because this kind of gas fills up the room and likes staying there for long unless the annoyed prostitute or escort, suspending the service, ventilates the room, which is rather disappointing. The gaseous situation is more critical during oral services, especially while tea-bagging (hanging testicles in mouth) or rimming (tongue stimulating the rectal area) as the poor sex-worker’s mouth is more exposed to the erupting gases, which should have catastrophic consequence about the outcome of the intercourse. Unintentional gas-leaking is most probable when ejaculation takes place as it comes with overall constriction of the body, which has the impact on the intestines, squeezing the carefully retained poisonous gases out of their temporary prison. Riding position also poses the risk of unintentional gas release, especially if a bulky and plump escort or prostitute is sitting on the guest, whose hammering heavy weight can easily make the guest let out what he is hiding in the rectum. ![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/a/f/7/resize-0-0-0/500/300/af781c2007377392822a87ca87ff89c1.jpg) So, what sorts of foods should be taken off the menu for punters before whoring? Gas-producing foods include primarily meals with high carbohydrate content, but of course it depends on individuals as bad digestion may be the result of many underlying diseases, but now only healthy punters’ gases is being discussed. Well, the most gas-producing ingredients that contain complex sugar include bean, cabbage, kale, broccoli, asparagus; foods containing high starch are pasta, potato, corn as well as fructose which can be found in large quantity in onion, pear, wheat, plum and peach. So it seem logical to consume food rich in protein such as fish, poultry, game and other meats with rice or salad as side dish. ![](https://statix.sex-tjejer.com/pix/5/1/d/resize-0-0-0/500/300/51d96b1e96c116714008d42d05826b57.jpg) Besides posterior transpiration, bad breath has to be mentioned though it plays important part only in services like GFE or French kissing when direct mouth contact is made. Certain spices such as garlic are capable of other sort of transpiration. It does not matter that we have not eaten any garlic the day when we do whoring because garlic in any form eaten previously in large quantity will be felt on us because it transpires through the skin, which won’t make any prostitute or escort happy about servicing you, especially when you make her lick all over your spicy body. Another risky spice is hot pepper as it can cause hiccup and intestinal discomfort which is not at all ideal while shagging a prostitute or escort as it may lead to uncontrollable diarrhoea, which won’t overjoy the sex-worker unless you have agreed on defecation fetish after paying very high extra-charge – if it possible at all.

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