Classification of pimps according to the place of hustling

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The place where pimps prostitute women is the next classification criterion, according to which we can differentiate many types of pimps.

The street pimps

The street pimp is a slowly outdated category in Western Europe where street prostitution has declined dramatically due to the new Scandinavian type of sex work regulation, so marketing sexual services on streets has been significantly reduced, partly due to the fact that pimpery is also severely sanctioned, not only the act of purchasing sexual services. In the past, and where it still exists, the class of street pimps was/is characterized by the fact that sex workers are monitored and controlled on site, providing them security services against violent sex guests. This is the most dangerous kind of prostitution, consequently, protection has a major role in providing sex workers security to work efficiently.

Home or partnership pimp

Among the various types of pimps he is the one who solicits for the fewest prostitutes. This sex worker lives with the pimp, usually in a marriage or cohabitance. To increase their scarce income, the pimp offers to share his partner with sex clients who pay him for the sexual services of his spouse or girlfriend.

Pimp controlling prostitutes abroad

It is the kind of pimp who collects young girls hopeless and helpless due to their poverty and lack of education in order to take them to a rich Western European country where they are made to work in the sex industry. He arranges everything for them (accommodation, travel), but he completely skims their profit. What the pimped girls get is often just somewhere to sleep, something to put on and eat and the most necessary papers. Since they do not speak the language of the country due to lack of education, they have no idea what is happening around them, so they are completely exposed to their pimps who exploit them unscrupulously, for example, he makes them carry out sex services without protection - which he can do because his sex workers are so ignorant that they have no idea what protection is.

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