The advantages of drabbing -1. Variety delights – Cicero

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Nullus est locus domestica sede iucundior – said the Roam citizen while following penises engraved on pavement and walls to get to the nearest brothel, or the wealthy ones to spas where, as a way of relaxation, they would enjoy one or more prostitutes just to forget about the problems the daily routine caused them. In Rome women were supposed either to play the respected role of a mother, who ran the family and were responsible to reproduce and take care of the next generation, or to be a prostitute, whose societal function was to satisfy men’s sexual need. Family life and sexual life did not take place at the same location since the former one was to happen at home, the latter one was to carry out at brothels, spas etc. Visiting prostitutes was not a big deal in moral sense as it was clear that male desire could not be restricted on just one body in one lifetime that is the desire was believed to require variety that it maintained and generate in the course of time.    

Certainly we feel it or have felt it several times, while grabbing our partners’ butts to represent proudly our possession publicly, walking along a busy street we often find that we are always forced to turn our head after newer and newer butts, which anyway may not be as roundish and well-shaped as the one we are squeezing, still we seem too interested in them. It does not matter that we were making love all the previous night and our legs are shaking due to the sophistic exercises we did on the bed with our partner, because this ever-lasting curiosity makes us turn our head toward the direction of new sights for our desire, the direction of new prospects, new forms, new scents or smells, new impressions, new touches and the new sources of delectation. Simply to say, this is how we are designed, that is why I am saying do not make a fuss about it! If Darwin is right, and we really used to be monkeys, just take a look at what monkeys do every day. What you see is group sex or the heaven of promiscuity. Every one of them with every one of them wherever and whenever has sexual intercourse. If we can believe biologist, the role of foreskin just confirms the fact that promiscuity used to be the part of the life of our species. Foreskin had the function to create a sort of vacuum in the vagina in order to remove the semen of the previous partner for the next one to get his ejaculation to the ovary. Therefore if this is how we are designed originally, and we no longer live in monkey hordes, it comes natural to gratify our passion for promiscuity at a place, the existence of which the society recognizes.  Well, if we are designed for variety and diversity, which was certainly intentional by our creator, although he did not inform us why, we could easily figure out the reason why he planted insatiable desire into us: it cannot be else than the act of giving and receiving pleasure.      

As experience shows every single relationship has an expiry date of valid period based on sexuality which is said to last for around 3 years, after which the intensity of pleasure decreases as much as the number of sexual interactions degraded to routine. Sexual contact becomes routine, resulting in losing excitement in it, because, to be honest, we get bored with it, the delight of variety is lost. This is why we keep turning our head all the time, entertaining the thought of having some affairs with that curvy shop assistant girl at the groceries or with that abundant-breasted milf or with that gymnast with roundish calves from the next door or with that horny-looking petite gal who you often see in the gym or with that buxom lady with fleshy red lips from the hairdresser or I could go on listing how many types of women you fancy.  But if we visit brothels, we arrive to the heaven of variety where we have the opportunity to choose whatever body structure with whatever physical features we would like to try to your liking. We can try all of the legal (sometimes even illegal) ages from teen to granny, all of the body types from skinny to curvaceous, all sorts of pussy from shaved to hairy bush, all the sexual practices from the traditional ones to the most daring role playing games etc. Of course visiting prostitutes does not guarantee that you won’t stare at the shop assistant chick who is just organizing the carrots at a greengrocers but I am sure you won’t complain about the monotony of your sexual life.   

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