Rules for profiles

- Every advertiser can have 1 active verified or unique profile only. So the profile duplication is not allowed. Excpet if the advertiser is online on another DUO or COUPLE profile or the duplication profile is in the surprise category.
 In case to have positioned premium profile the plan of prolongation must be notified at least 1 day before the date of expire.  Otherwise we cannot guarantee the prolongation.
- In case of reservation of a place of positioned premium profile the advertiser have to have 15 credits(for 1 day of it) in her/his account at the time of reservation.

- Using pictures of well know persons is not allowed.
- Using pictures of porn or any other models if they are not verified is not allowed.
- Using pictures what are taken from any social website like facebook...etc. if they are not verified is not allowed.
- Using photos what are taken from individual website if they are not verified is not allowed. 
- The profile photos must have covered face on unverified profiles.

- The same phone number cannot be used on more than 1 profile. Except on verified profiles of DUO partners.
- Contact phone number cannot be given in the text box of introduction note in the field of status message or in the profile pictures. Please use the reserved place of it.

- Reported profiles will be flagged with the text of the subject of report.
- Profiles can be reported about using denied photos or content on the reported content.

We reserve the right to change/remove suspicious content, photos or complete advertisement.

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