Interacting with members

Escort profile owners can change the privacy and contact settings of their profiles. If you don't want reviews, just disable this feature. If you don't need comments, you can turn them off. Also if you want to use different ways only you can disable the private messaging function. Classified ad owners can't change these settings.


One of the best way to interact; not only public but if a user left a comment your profile will be on the top of the events list. Public questions and answers are very good for business!


If you allow reviews you make a good decision: users love reviews and reviewed escorts have more traffic. Please note that we only checks technically the validity of the review and we won't remove any of them just because you think it's wrong. But if you can prove the review is fake please contact us.

Private messages

We recommend you to allow this feature. If you don't want to get more messages from a user you can block him by pressing the "Block" button on the top of a message.

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