For advertisers

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There are 3 kinds of advertising formats on escort profile, classified ad and banner advertisement. You can try escort profile and classifieds for free while banner advertising costs as rate card mentioned. We strongly recommend to check each types before you start to make your campaign the most effective.

First of all here is a quick insight:

Escort profile advertising

You can upload an infinte number of photos on your profile if you want, but please keep in mind that free profiles will show only 3 photos. This is the most advanced advertising format and can be highlighted on the front page to get the most attention. Escort profiles can be reviewed as well verified by our moderators.

Classified ads

The fastest and cheapest advertising solution. Just upload a photo, write a few lines to start and that's all. 

Banner campaign

Can be seen almost on all pages. You can use your own banner ad or - if you don't have a proper image - we can make you one.

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