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Local escort

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Local escorts are those escort girls, escort boys, shemale escorts, lady boys, TS or TV escorts who...

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Touring escort

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The group of touring escort includes those escort girls, escort boys, escort shemales, ladyboys, TS...

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Escort termin

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Escort termin is the time period (1-3 weeks) that a touring escort spends at a place (hotel, apartment,...

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Escort profile

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Escort profile is a personal advertising place provided by an online escort site that can be edited,...

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Boob job, tits fuck, russian, breast sex...etc....

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Boob job is an escort service on the list of favourite sex acts when the client’s penis is positioned...

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The name ‘outcall’ on escort profile refers to private reception of clients in the client’s own...

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The name ‘incall’ on escort profile refers to private reception of clients in the escort’s own...

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Handjob is a form of sexual satisfaction given to guests on the list of escorts’ list of favourite...

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Wax-dipping is a sexual service on favourite list when an escort is requested to dip hot way on certain...

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Foot worship or fetish

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Foot-worship is a sex-service on escorts’ list of favourite sexual services when clients with foot-fetsih...

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Deep thorat is a special technique of oral sex often presented on the list of escorts’ favourite sexual...

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Whipping is a kind of sexual service on the list of favourites, during which an escort beats or stroke...

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Spanking is a sexual service on escorts’ list of favourites when the client’s buttocks are spanked...

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Poop sex

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Poop sex is a kinky sexual fetishism in escort industry when – after mutual symphaty developed between...

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Trampling is a service on the list of escorts’ favourite services that causes pleasure through physical...

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In the escort business rimming refers to the sexual act when one of the participants orally stimulates the...

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PSE(pornstar experience)

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PSE is the name of the service on escorts’ list of favourites when an escort renders such a professional...

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The reality behind positive and negative...

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So it's not so easy to work as an escort girl, isn’t it? It’s easy to expect, of course, to get...

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COB is a term in the escort industry, which means ejaculation on the body either by the client or the...

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In the context of escort sex business COF means that either the escort or the client cums on the face...

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CumOnMouth, a business term used in the escort trade, means that either the escort or the client cums...

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The positive and negative aspects of the...

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I think this issue should be discussed in two respects. One of aspects is the business approach and...

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Possible negative experiences given by escorts...

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PLEASE NOTE: The things are mentioned below might be occured but not with every escorts in every case!...

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Possible positive experiences from escorts...

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It is worth pointing out at the outset that people make use of the services of escort girls, because...

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What we can receive from an escort girl

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It is obvious that people do things – which are sometimes incomprehensible for others - because they...

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CIM - cum in mouth

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It is a widely used acronym in the escort industry that means ejaculation into the mouth after sexual...

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Strap-on sex

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Strap-on sex is the sex act that can be listed in escort’s favourite sexual services and refers to...

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Anal sex

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Anal sex is a type of sexual act, which is solely based on mutual sympathy (escort and client), and which...

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Prostate massage

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It is the kind of escort service when a male customer’s prostate is stimulated with fingers or with...

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Massage is the act that is provided by an escort to create a stress-free environment in which a client...

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OWO oralsex without condom

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OWO is an abbreviation used in escort business (sex-industry) to refer to the sexual act of oral gratification...

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Sexy lingeries

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Sexy lingerie is the set of undergarments worn at escort meeting by an escort girl either upon the...

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Sex is the possible result of French kiss taken place between escort and client during rendezvous. If...

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French Kiss:

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French kiss is the "first kiss" between escort and client at an escort meeting. It definitely indicates...

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What will happen after becoming an escort?...

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 Who knows that apart from the reasons listed above why someone will or can be an escort girl or...

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Oral sex

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This group includes the sexual activities that are carried out with the escort’s or the client’s...

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Special cases of becoming an escort

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Now we have come to a very interesting part of our topic that is how a girl becomes a prostitute if...

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Favourite services or favourites

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Favourite services or favourites are the information given on website that most characterizes the...

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Anal sex and escorts

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Among escorts it is a matter of prestige to love anal sex with clients. The numerous men who cannot...

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Who can be prostitute or escort? – Rules...

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It depends on the rules and regulations on prostitution in the country where someone wants to work...

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14. Don’t go drabbing if you are drunk

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This is a similar warning to the one talked about in the previous paragraph, that is to say, like consuming...

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Well, who are then the prostitutes? I think every escort can become prostitute but not every prostitute...

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In this subchapter I will group the different sorts of prostitutes. In the previous chapter I have...

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2 of 15: Drinks to avoid

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As well as foods, certain drinks can ruin the intimate minutes of clients enjoying the company of their...

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10. Pay attention to your health!

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as...

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7. Check out the place where you go and keep...

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as...

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5. Be informed about the rules on prostitution...

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as...

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4. Have a proper plan.

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as...

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3. To jerk off or not – that’s the question....

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention to before Visiting an Escort or Going Drabbing-Only as...

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Ten Things You Definitely Have to Pay Attention...

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In this short article I’m going to collect some pieces of useful advice for punters before visiting...

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