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Another dimension of sex: aberration, sexual diseases and fetishes Sex can be unfortunately a serious...

aberration BDSM domina fetish masturbation mistress sex slave Sm submissive


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BDSM partiesAnother sexual trend in the 20th century is going to BDSM parties, where you can buy...

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Lack of sex, repression of sexual desires, compromises in sexWe have talked about sex in marriage, sex...

BDSM fantasy hardsex kinky perversions secrets sex SM


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Wax-dipping is a sexual service on favourite list when an escort is requested to dip hot way on certain...

BDSM Domina escortdictionary escortservice fetish sex SM

Foot worship or fetish

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Foot-worship is a sex-service on escorts’ list of favourite sexual services when clients with foot-fetsih...

BDSM escortdictionary escortservice fetish footfetish sex SM


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Whipping is a kind of sexual service on the list of favourites, during which an escort beats or stroke...

BDSM escortdictionary escortservice fetish perverse sex sexualservice SM whipping

Poop sex

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Poop sex is a kinky sexual fetishism in escort industry when – after mutual symphaty developed between...

BDSM bizarre escortdictionary escortservice escortsex fetish kinky perverse poopsex sex


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BDSM (the acronym of the words Bondage & Discipline (B & D) Domination & Submission (D &...

BDSM domina escort escortdictionary fetish hardsex latex sex SM


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They are the prostitutes or escorts who, to put it mildly, who take the sadistic role in sadomasochistic...

bdsm domina dominatrix escort fetish prostitute sadomaso sex sm

Escort Services 5.

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Domina fantasy and strap-on experience.I often indulge in allowing my fantasy taking over me like...

BDSM domina_escort escortservice fetish funnystory sex SM strapon

Other sexual accessories

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These include in particular the different scented and flavoured lubes and lubricants to make dildos...

BDSM sex SM toys

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