About Malmö

Sweden's third biggest and most popolous city

The third biggest and most populous city in Sweden. In the olden times it was important because of its industry and manufacturing power, but nowadays it is home to some of the most inventive biotechnical and IT companies. Its architecture and infrastructure has changed a lot over the course of decades, it is the most important and biggest cultural and economic centre of the region.

The city is connected to Copenhagen through the Øresund Bridge, so it can be served by both its own and Copenhagen’s airport. The European E6 has crosses the bridge, so the city (and through the continent) can be approached from Europe on land through it.

The local transport is very special as the city has a cycling road network of over 400 km, which is well used by the citizens. It has two industrial ports, one university, and its population is very young. The economic boom was brought to the city by building the bridge connecting it to Copenhagen, many multinational company has moved their HQs to Malmö (Skanska, EON Sverige), and one tenth of the citizens of Malmö work in Copenhagen (it is a 20 minutes commute).

The development of the city resulted in growing culture and connected services, too; many celebs had performed in the city (BB King, The Rolling Stones), and apart from dance and music a new type of services have appeared, prostitution; the nearly 300 000 citizens are served by just the right amount of escorts, the city has the 3rd biggest market in the country.