About GFE

A short for GirlFriend Experience

Not every client of the escorts crave the typical wild, crazy sex experience with a stranger. Sometimes unhappy, depressed men also seek the services of escorts, but their favourite experience is the so called GFE – the “GirlFriend Experience”. This is basically a special type of service where the escorts act as if he/she was the client’s girlfriend.

It is mainly the service offered typically by escorts as it may contain other activities outside sex, such as having a dinner, conversation, even watching a movie, and the sex following all these must be more sensual than usual as well – it comes with kissing, hugging, French kissing, oral sex to both parties, just so that the experience seems more real.

That is one of the most versatile and special forms of spending time with an escort, because it is 100% up to the client what GFE really means to them (when paying for a deep-throat service it is the same experience for every client). This type of service might also be offered by strip dancers where it does not include sex but comes with a more direct and friendly approach than usual.

About GFE


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