I dont know whats going on, but there are too many fake verified in Gothenburg. Admins please come with feedback.

Started by addconsult · 18 Svar ·

Last months i have noticed there are many verified fakes in Gothenburg. Same numbers go to different girls on other sites. So it seems they try to "spread" themself to get as many customers as possible. But its not the girl on the picture. Not that they look a little different but ITS NOT the same person. I think scammers have started to pay some girls they know in their home country or other country and use these pictures on their profile and probably send that as verified pictures to admins.

How can you prevent this admins ? Ask the girls to also send a picture of their GPS location ? Hold todays newspaper from sweden and not just a sign that anyone can write in other part of the world? To much too ask? No one wants to get scammed of 1500-3000kr. Is this also common in STHLM/MALMÖ ? This is a big problem for the users and the good escorts. Everyone looses except the scammers.

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  • David082 · · · (#0)
    Det är en agency?
  • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    How do you get scammed seeing the wrong woman?

    * You are at the adress
    * You meet the RIGHT lady
    * You give her the money
    * You enjoy her services

    In that order.
  • scumbag · I am a scumbag · · (#0)
    As everyone have smart phone you me and every punter have possibility asking selfie photo from the escort before the meeting. I belive the real ones would not deny this. If the girl looks the same as on the photos we can go forward. So i think to avoid visiting fake escorts is our task mainly. I say, if you have some brain that you use as well you cannot get disappointed.
    • Hmmm . """"Very good ideea"""""
      Even if I'm real when a guy ask for a selfie Im not gonna send anything .
      Why ? First :security reasons . That mean I don't know who is in the back of that number and I'm not gonna send not any selfie because I have my website verified and all tipes of verification already avaiable .
      Second : Is lost of time . We girl have enought """guys""" who just like to waste our time , to disturb us sometimes just jocks or insults as , so just think at us staying to send to all guys selfie .... And the 3 reason . Also a girl who use fake pic can send u a fake selfie :) .
      • scumbag · I am a scumbag · · EVELINA♡♡♡ (#126694)
        A point a view that can be uderstood becasue of privacy, family,,,etc. Then you can show the verification photo as well on your profile so the "100%" reality can be seen. Actually some girls provide it on their profiles.
        • Nonsens. We dont need to prove anything ! I totally agree with Evelina.
          For what we veryficated profile and getting reviews ? To send you moore selfie because you wish that ? NO
          Its still enought of serious clients who respect that and even dont ask for sending moore pictures
        • Actually this is one of best site when we think about verification and so on . Some of website don't have any sistem of verification or security , u have here enought things to see a girl is real or not . Verification , video , reviews .
          What u need more ?
          I think if u still ask after all this kind of verification then something is wrong ....
          When I say that I didn' speak about u ,I just speak in general about the ones who make this mistake .
      • ovejo · Ut ur sin jacka blå, tager han det hon ska få · · EVELINA♡♡♡ (#126694)
        You are a long time member on the site and have a solid reputation. Anyone who asks you for verification is obviously not very smart and most likely a troll.
  • admin.Dave · Office manager · · (#0)
    As on most escort website because of the lack of personal meeting our verfification system also cannot be perfect but in spite of this it works good enough. That is true some fake profiles may go throug the filter(BUT NOT SURE!) but we do not think that this problem would be global as only you've reported this only so far. Furthermore we trust in our professional knowledge.
    As we do not like to discuss our system features in public you can send us email with your opinions, suggestion and detection which will be reviewed by us. The advertisements also able to be reported by the report option. We saw that you've already done regarding some profiles. If you check back to your account you will find our answers to them.
    • ovejo · Ut ur sin jacka blå, tager han det hon ska få · · admin.Dave (#126700)
      Suggestion, instead of writing the url and date on a piece of paper, why not require the front page from the last issue of a local newspaper to be included in the verification picture.
  • gentleman1 · · · (#0)
    I agree it is a hassle with fake verifications, I tend to go by reviews as mentioned, you only have to pay attention, as there are probably many fake reviews as well, for instance now Kathy in Gothenburg got 3 new full point reviews within 1h and all 3 reviews did register less than 1h before the review and have only made 1 review, so it is important also to look for these things.
    • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · gentleman1 (#126813)
      Hahah! Yea, I am wondering if she is being framed, because that is just to obvious. Then again, she has a similar one in february.
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