Photographer in Göteborg

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Wondering If any eskort can recommend me a good photographer, trustworth ...Preferably he must be in Göteborg.

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  • Lillian · · · (#0)
    I'd recomend you upload a videoclip instead. That way customers can see that you are very real and serious, and you can show off your entire beautiful body. Manye while dancing to some music?

    The problem with professional photos is that they often look photoshoped and when people meet you in reality, they may be disappointed.

    For example: look at the black escorts of Malmö, they ALL have profesional photos and cover face and yet nobodh visits them. Why? Well because they feel "FAKE" and their profiles have no reviews and all comments are disabled. It is a shame really. Lots of men fantisize about meeting exotic black women and unfortunately most sucv female profiles are fake.

    I think thats why you (as a rare and very beautiful black woman) should not have profesional photos, and this way you look unique and Real. I hope you understood my reasoning.

    Hope to see you some day.
    Best regards/
    • removed user · kissing lover · · Lillian (#111703)
      Videoclips is not a guarantee. Have met ladies do video, video real but lady who meet me in door someone else. Also met ladies do video and same lady in door but not serious. But I do agree your opinion about professional and photoshoped photos. I also like unprofessional photos for same reason as you. And as you written to Alissa. Ladies rewiews is most important. I understand u support Adriana in a good meaning. Adriana is caring and have a good heart and good rewiews. Dont think video is necessary because she is a real lady, aloud comments and rewiews in opposite to black girls in Malmö. We have in Gbg too. Men det är upp till dig Adriana.
      @removed user
    • removed user · kissing lover · · Lillian (#111703)
      very bad examples of videos is all the Norwegians like Camilla Collet and friends. Girls looking very sexy in video but you will never met them. They all just steel your money in one way or another.
      @removed user
    • Nyfiken · I like big butts and I can not lie · · Lillian (#111703)
      In my opinion you have done everything right: You have a few verified true-looking photos, you have enabled comments and reviews, and (extra points) you are active in the forums. Then again, more photos is always a good thing ;)
  • removed user · kissing lover · · (#0)
    Ha ha ha, dont be a tiger Adriana. Look his name. Dave NICE GUY
    @removed user