What I consider as good quality service and my 10.000kr+ of money's worth

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I feel that I need to explain a few things for the girls that are looking for higher paying quality customers (and also for the guys out there, good and bad). And that want to get more customers. First of all, look at the girls that GET those quality customers and have 50 or 100+ reviews. What are THESE GIRLS doing differently? Why do you think THESE men, come back to these girls over and over again, hmm?? They put their back, energy, effort into an interaction (I'm not JUST talking about sex, but the whole experience of being WITH you, in the moment).

I don't know how others feel or think about this subject. But for me, what I consider good quality service is when I feel a woman wants this also, they don't rush (I almost never do less than 10 hours, just because of this). She feels comfortable and safe about being with you. Kissing and french kissing you. The loving girlfriend type play, you know (again, of course she can't do all this if you get like 1h or 30 min, c'mon guys, don't expect everything, by paying for 15 min). And girls, when someone pays you for a whole day 10, 15 20.000kr, deliver. I didn't waste 10 or 20.000kr on you to receive bad service. if I receive good service, I'm your customer for life, and I see this as an investment. That possibly means, 20, 40, 60, 100K...FOR YOU. Treat me well and I'll treat you well. When I get a shy girl I always try to make her feel safe and I talk alot to get her to open up. But personally I don't like shy girls, because they're oftentimes new to the business, and are not so comfortable of letting go, when we having sex.

Oftentimes Russians girls are the best, confident and know how to have a good time without being timid or shy and do everything (not always the case though). But when I drop 10.000kr+ on a girl for a full day, then I expect everything to be included, I expect quality of service, the full package. If you can't deliver, don't take the money.

I've been to a lot of girls, trying to recreate the same energy that I experienced with 2 of the

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    of the escorts I've met, Kristen and Liza (coincidentally they have a lot of reviews, wow, go figure right?). Every one else (who I've tried) was below average. When I feel a girl holds me and kisses me passionately, I feel she wants it. when she laughs, when we have fun, when we touch, how I see how I'm affecting her by just looking at her, or touch her, or tease her (trust me, I know when a girl is faking it, I look at her eyes and pupils). And I create that feeling inside of her as we "date" for 10h+. You know when she lets off those cute little noises as we kiss (the "mh"), or as we touch, it's the best! Or when we look at each other and get that deep connection, ooouuf. Deadly good! The small little things that make a HUGE difference girls.

    PS: Of course there are a lot of idiotic, dangerous, retarded guys out there. And I'm not talking about those. If you wish to get more money, better quality clients that treat you like the woman and unique human being you are, then I just want to shine a light on this for you. And remember girls. Always be safe, and take appropriate action to stay safe. We love you.
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      Hell yes, Kristen... I know what you mean. What a gem! She easily beats all the girls I've met, including my real ex girlfriends... I know only one more girl as good as her, but I want to keep her for myself, so I won't say any names here, hehe :)
  • I think they maybe get almoste same amount of monney meet 6 - 8 guys a Day soe maybe not intressed hang out an whole Day but maybe good idea IF you whant to hang out one Day whit o e girl and newer met again IF youre not rich
    @removed user
    • They just going to think ewen IF they get like 1000 ey thats an stupid guy whe can. Make monney on him you kewer know what they think but think know it any way
      @removed user
      • Just say hey i give you 10000 hang out whit me an Day Maybe they do easy monney but i think they May not whant to hawe sex whit you all Day
        @removed user
        • it may not be real girlfrend soe hawe that in mind but feels good not waste to much .today meet whit alessia and i must say it doesent get any better than this almoste this page and like half an hour is enough i whant too see guy who can do like 10 hour sex but i think i know take an brake talk and maybe agin and again ha ha but realy what guy nead to do that
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        • TA (@ta) · · · removed user (#146757)
          Dude, reason I pay for company isn't because I can't get no pussy. My past girlfriends consists of bartenders, models and high quality, high status girls (both mindset and physical appearance). I used to pick up women off the streets, in busses, trains and shopping malls. Right now I just don't have time to do that, as I'm working almost 7 days a week. I don't pay them to stay or develop feelings or call me or text me, in the middle of the night as I'm working (or when I'm sleeping). The girls I click with, we have sex a lot. This Russian friggin awesome girl, it was on fire. Clicked from the second I entered her place. We fucked for 3 straight hours (yes, you read that right, 3 FULL hours! Just stopped to drink water and get back to it). She even asked me if she could be allowed to swallow. But she's unfortunately gone back to Russia :( But I don't have sex all day, just because we can. We hang out, talk deep complicated shit, or just have fun enjoying each others company. I like to have the girlfriend experience...without having a girlfriend (and all that comes with that, I need to be focused on my work, not on her). And these girls (the quality escorts) are the best! No feelings later, no calls later, no how are you doing or texting or calling or being jealous or...u get the point. No complications. I call when I'm ready to see her. Not her calling and disrupting my day.
      • TA (@ta) · · · removed user (#146756)
        Yeah dude, girls can't rip me off. I play the game better than them. I'm a people person. I deal with people, psychology, sociology and body language/tonality all day. I can look into someone's eyes and tell you if they're lying (unless they're a sociopath, which makes it hard to tell), or listen to their voice.
    • TA (@ta) · · · removed user (#146755)
      Well yeah, but do you think the guys that book 1h, she would like to hang with or feel good about? It's like working in a fine restaurant, eating the same meal every day. U get tired of it. An escort is still a woman and a human being. They have feelings too. Do you think that when something new comes up, it's not exciting and fresh?
      • ofcourse the are humans and hawe fealings too and i know some here if you pay them for one hour they may whant to talk and not bang on target
        @removed user
      • This girl wo make forum thread about hotell who work and live in London i bet she normal fat girl you can find anywere just type i hawe big boobs and Nice ass check on here 😉
        @removed user
      • patrik (@patrik) · · · TA (#146765)
        During the meetings and after the meetings with you the ladies feelings can be described in five letters M O N E Y. But some are better than others in giving an illusion. And if you feel good by not speak truth to yourself its up to you. And all the girls are here for make money. 10000 for a day with you is not exciting and fresh. This popular ladies you talking about can easy make 20-30000 a day in 6-10 meetings. But its good for sensitive pussies to relax a day sometimes.
  • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · (#0)
    How would you define a quality customer?
    • TA (@ta) · · · Nyfiken (#146759)
      A "normal", "non-creepy", "non-weird" guy. A woman knows what that definition means.
      • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · TA (#146761)
        And you, obviously.

        Who also brags like the worst narcissist, can make any escort have a squirting orgasm, have them begging to go swallow your load, have no trouble picking up regular girls like flowers on a field, push content from the sockpuppet brigade and always announce PMs isntead of just sending them like a normal person would.

        You are not the first. There has been self proclaimed Gentlemen calling themselves a real MAN on this site before. I'll add you to that list of names.
        • TA (@ta) · · · Nyfiken (#146773)
          Truth often hurts. Which is why I find this amusing as hell. I like bragging. Try the truth for a change :) Makes u feel better, I promise :)
          • Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie · · TA (#146774)
            Speaking of bragging, narcissism and truth:
            The sociopaths you mentioned always think very highly of themselves and believe their own lies of grandeur. You might want to do a reality check.
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