Hard to find girls that poops/shits

Ankaret (@ankaret) · 13 Svar ·

Well, I love it when a girl shits on me, especially on my face and in my mouth. For some reason it seems that a lot of girls have "Avföring, scat" in their ads but when I ask about it I most often doesn't even get a response or they say that they don't do it.

It's both annoying that girls have this in their ads and then doesn't do it but also it's frustrating since this is something I really get turned on from and love to do but can't find someone that does it.

And yes, I know of the dangers with this. I also know that there is absolutely no danger at all if everyone involved are perfectly healthy. You can't transmit a disease you don't have. Eating feces that isn't infected with a disease is completely harmless if it's from someone from the same part of the world. We all have the same kind of bacteria in our bodies. If it's from someone from another part of the world the worst that can happen is an upset stomach because it's a different kind of bacterial fauna. So, keep the nay-saying away, ok?

So, what's a shitlover gotta do to get some shit to chew on? :)

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