Robberrrr in malmo

Sofia (@daniela) · 5 Svar ·

you have to take care of the girls in the night of 10.06 o'clock 02.40 in the morning 3 masked people came over me and my girlfriend beat us and took us money and the phones .... call a swede (no longer remember phone number because my phone was stolen) go into the house after which he changes his mind and goes away in the next 2 minutes he calls back to the door (he does not leave the staircase of the block I have an intercom) and says he changed his mind in the house and when I want to lock the door gets big in front of the eek opening the door to the other 2 ..... very careful are 2 areabi who enter after and the Swedish who enter as a customer .... are the maximum 23-24 years high and weak ... .

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