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Best Stockholm Escort Alexa

Alexa is sexy and hot. Her face shows that she likes to do it. She is 27 years old, 175 cms tall Swedish escort girl. She has short blonde hair, blue eyes, solarbrown skin and fully shaved pussy. She likes the men and the girls too, she is bisexual. She has slim body, long legs and normal handy natural tits.  She wait s for the visitors in Stockholm. The meeting is possible at her or in your place. She has lot of favorites of sex. She likes the sexy lingeries and high heel shoes or boots and able to wear when you meet. You can take a shared shower with her then have a sensual massage. She can turn you on with tongued kiss and real GFE or with rimming. She likes reverse oral and the sex in different positions. At the end you can cum in her mouth or on her face too.For more info click on the link:

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Escorts in Sweden

(respect to the exceptions. :)In Sweden around 150 escorts are separated in diferent cities. Most of them are girl then the followings are the shemales then the boys and couples. All cities where escorts are have girls but only few of them have shemales, boys or couples. In the three biggest city \" Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö\" have all type of escorts. To read more about this thread click on the link.Let\'s take the for our base. In this escort site we can find more than 60 active real \"profiled\" escorts in all regions. Stockholm has 30 \"profiled\" escorts including girls, boys, shemales, couples. All number of escorts can be seen on this link  The  has more active real escorts in section of There are more than 300 adverts in the section of classifieds. That profiles what are not maintened by the owners will be archived...

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about dominas and slaves

Femdom, short for female domination covers such a vast array of fetishes and interests, sexual and domestic lifestyle that everyone\'s definition would differ making an exact definition impossible.Of course everyone has different bdsm femdom fetishes and fantasies but the basic principle being that of superior women and inferior male slaves. Sometimes this is just for play fantasy sessions that you would find a Dominatrix in a dungeon doing and to some a complete 24/7 femdom, lifestyle. Also called TPE total power exchange or APE actual power exchange. A Dominant Mistress or dom tgirl can lead some people into money slavery and financial domination although that seems to be more fantasy than reality, many say they are financial slaves but never follow it through.They like the humiliation of being a pay pig, money slave and naturally some women like to receive their gifts. How about surrender to a BBW Mistress, meaning Big Beautiful Woman, this is...

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information about the structure of best swedish escort websites

When you visit the  arriving to the front page where some of the whole content are placed and click on them we can go to anywhere on the site. On the top there is a menu bar what incudes every menu item. We can reach all type of Swedish escorts, girls, boys, shemales, dominas, massause and international profiles. next item is the reviews. In this menu point we can inform about the punters opinion about the escorts. The next item is the advert creator, any type of advert can be created in this point. The next one includes the classified adverts of escorts and any connected topic. Then we find option for free porn videos and pictures. Then it is followed by the forum where we can read...

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escort and drugs

Editor: do the escorts use any drugs, i mean the cigarette and drink as well?Carlos: Yes I think in Stockholm the escorts use drugs and alcohol because most time of the year is very cold and dark and they need to use something against the depression. :D (joke) Some of them yes and some no because the pressure is bigger on them during the work so the use of light drugs is usual, i mean the caffeine and nicotine too. My experience is, the girls who can make lot of money with this work does not use much drugs or alcohol during the work because it need to do like any other job, correctly. So clear mind is necessary. Except, when the client has some fun and he wants to use it during the sex with the escort. I heard lot of story about that, an escort use drug together with the client they spent couple of hours together and suck lot of fun then the business was finished for the escort for that day because she cannot do anything with other clients. She had...

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Lately i have gone to an escort girl to get some pleasure for myself. She was a very nice girl on the photo, but in the life a bit grayer. :P I do not attach link or name for her because it\'s not a review.  So the girl is located in Stockholm on the Kungstensgatan in a discreet apartment. So what i want to write, when i selected her i looked for girl who does massage as well because i needed it before we jump together. I tought this option is for escorts who really able to do it. Instead i got some soft touch and caress. I do not know the girl like this why select this option for her ad, this is not a real massage. I think this option should be needed by those girls who has real experience about it. I really wanted to get normal massage before the sex. :( I think thats the best if i will ask the girl about her whole service, because maybe the favorites are not real.

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Best Stockholm Escort Cindy

She is a dreamfaced fragile escort girl. She has half long blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, shaved pussy and natural breasts. She is 25 years old, 167 cms tall tattooed girl. Her favorites are massage, reverse oral and some fetshes. I do not know her photos are real or not but probably yes, because her face is covered maybe for that nobody recognize her where she lives.Click on the link to see her ad 

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private love of escorts

editor: do the escorts have connection with ordinary man in their private life?carlos: most of them has. They have bigger necessity to that somebody loves them because their  body ia used by foreign people and it takes lot of energy out from their spirit.  But i belive these connections are not based on real emotions from the boy. I think a guy who can stand that \"his girlfriend gets fucked several times a day by different men\" has fake emotions or he is a mazohist or crazy. I talked with lot of girls about their lover and most of them buy lot of things for them. Take them to spend holyday in expensive places and probably the whole cost for the escorts. These situation is the same for more activity what they do together. So i know the escorts need to pay for the love if they want to get  \" real emotions\" from a man.I think the best selection for an escort girl an escort boy. I know some girls who has escort boyfriend and their connection is...

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Best Sthlm Escort Moni

Moni a hot 40 years old, 160 cms tall hetero sexual escort girl. She has black hair, blue eyes, solarbrown skin and fully shaved pussy. She does outcall only and very good service. On the meeting you can get a sensual massage then energetic 69. She also does some extra feature for example anal sex, fisting, rimming or more guys. She can wear sexy lingeries and use sex toys if you wish that.

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We were fired.

This story happened in Stockholm with two girls who worked here like escorts.It was a snowy day in february. Two girls arived to Stockholm by plane at the Skavsta airport. They take a bus to central station. While they wait for the bus felt it would not be an easy thing coz the temperature was very low around minus 20. The two happy girls taken their accomodation in two different hotel, tought it would be the best because to much customers would go up to them. They looked for the most visited swedish escort site and posted their advert. Everything was ok, next morning they had their breakfast and went up to their rooms then switch on their phone and waiting for the clients. The business was perfect all things was ok. The clients were able to go up to their rooms. The had 5-7 customers. The next day, one of the girls got a very big balax client. He was an indian people with poor english and he did not understand the directions to the escort\'s room....

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about the independent escort work is going in Stockholm

Arrive to Stockholm:Most of the escort girls come tornStockholm by airplane. Stockholm has 2 airports where the european flights comes. The biggest and most busy airport is the Arlanda which is around 40 km from the central of Stockholm. The fastest travel to the central station by the Arlanda-Express. You can go to the underground train stop by elevator from the terminals. You can get tickets from the ticket machine in the terminal or on the train. other airport is the Skavsta where some european flight comes. The easiest transport to the central station by bus. There are 2 company what you can take: Flyghbussarna or Ryanair. Tickets are available at the airport beside the exit orrnon the bus. return way, from the central station to both airport.Important: Do not bring lot of condoms or work clothes because if your activity is recognized by the border guard it may be reported...

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escorts and punters

Editor: How the escorts can stand the lot of different clients and how many clients are for an escort?Carlos: It depends from the country and the period and the client\'s money...etc. but between 0-15. For example in germany the business is legal for the clients and the escorts too. The prices are very low around 50 euros and the girls have up to 15-20 clients daily. It is very hard to stand. The escorts are very happy when they get a handsome guy because most of the clients are not to nice and have some strange wish. I mean, when the escort has 15 in a day and 10 of all wants piss or strapon or domination then its very hard day. So there are not two same days. The business is similar in every country where it is legal. The situation is diferent where the business is not legal for and very diferent in Sweden where the clients has punishment from the goverment. I think in Stockholm the escorts have 0-5 lients daily or it depends of the place where...

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We thank You to clean your site

I tought it was the best idea from you. We are very happy you show only active escorts in Stockholm and other Swedish cities. Their number are lower now but no matter because all of them are reachable and this is very big advantage against them sites what offers lot of fake ads. Moreover, our time will not be waisted when we want to reach any escorts of them. We also glad for the archive section because we able to see many sexy escorts in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö or other Swedish cities. And their number even not reachable but we can send private message them so we can keep the contact them while they are not here. I hope  most of these escorts come back to Sweden soon.

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Editor:  What do you think about the swedish escorts, they are the same like another escorts in Europe.Carlos: Roughly, yes but they mentality depends from the clients of the country where they work actually. I mean, the Irish clients are dirty and some of them are rude. The Italians are very sentimentalist, they are real lover so the escort girls who work in Italia are calmer than the irish escorts. If i knows it correctly the Swedishes are very clean and kind with the girls so the escorts in sweden have better life here, except they go to other country.

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Escort archive

We are working on an escort archive page. We can\'t be sure that these escorts are no more available but we don\'t recommend them.  I show some concept pictures about this project.The main screen of the archiveWhen you visit a profile that outdated the system will notice you.\"This profile is outdated\" - reads in the red bar at the top of the screenThe system will send some e-mails tomorrow upon which alerts the users. As a wrote yesterday the escort profiles that disabled automatically will not be restored. If you are an escort and your profile is archived you can contact us to enable the listing of your profile.

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We need to be careful

Yes, sometimes we get the best for our kindness but sometimes no. Some times it happened, i went to a girl and i did not get what i want. The reality of the pictures is a big enough problem. Most of the swedish escorts do not use real pictures for work. I know it\'s very dangerous to work with own pictures because most of the people are piping jack. But the bussiness would be very simple, only a face blur necesary. Would be nice if most escort girls did the same and we do not have danger when we select them because poor punter would like to get the best for self by the escort girl who selected. It would be better for the escorts too because if any girl work with own photo (so the punter will not be disappointed) able to get better business because the punters will go back to her.

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Sexuella akronymer (english)

Sexual Acronyms (sexuella akronymer) that you might not know I\'ve collected a nearly full list about sexual acronyms. I will edit it later if I forget something.AAMP = Apartment Asian Massage Parlor. Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront.Agency = a company that manages calls, bookings, and advertising for a group of escorts.AMP = Asian Massage Parloranalingus = licking anusAsian = analingusAsian Cowgirl = girl on top, squattingASP = Adult Service Provider, or newsgroupATF = all time favoriteATM = ass to mouth = toy, finger goes from ass to mouth.attempts = trying to orgasmAunt Flo = menstruation, periodB&S = bait and switch = person who shows up is a different one than advertisedbabyback = petite, young, attractive Asianballoons = breast implantsBB = bareback = without condomBJ = blowjob = oral sex = fellatioBBBJ = bare back blow job = BJ without condomBBBJTC = bare back blow job to completion...

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mistery of escorts

THIS CONTENT IS AN INTERVIEW WHAT I WANT TO SHARE WITH EVERYBODY. I COLLECT THESE INFORMATION FROM ACTUAL FELLAS IN COUPLE OF YEARS.Editor:  What is the first thing that comes to your mind about escort girls?Carlos: I heve been doing this job for couple of years. I already worked with several and many type of escort girls together. I mean nice or ugly, slim or fat, calm or crazy, slim or tall, european or other national...and so much more. The thing what i am thinking about now, the bahaviour of escort girls. Most of them love to lie. :D Most things what they say are fake, fake about their family or their type of family or the place where they live or their name...etc. Some of them forgot everything what she does. Few of them are normal but i belive it keeps only for the first year of their job after they became crazy for the lot of client and the lot of money. :D. I know there are several different type of behaviour they have what i did not mentioned,...

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The site you can trust

At we are committed to provide the best selection of escorts so we\'ve changed the rules to satisfy our visitors.The free escort profiles are affected by this new rule: if an escort don\'t confirm his/her status weekly the profile will be deleted automatically. This we guarantee that all escorts are still working and escorting on the site.The second change is that you can highlight your classified advertisement too. If you want to do that and you already have an ad please contact us. If you are a new advertiser then please register/log in and go to New ad > Classified ad and select the period you want to be highlight you entry.

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Why blogging matters to business

If you want to be the most visited escort of your city you should enter a big competition. It's all about business. You are a brand of yourself and you have to promote yourself. Why multichannel advertising is so important? It's enough to promote your escort profile on an escort site isn't it?The answer is absolutely no. Many-many escorts promoting herselves day by day and the range of offers are growing fast. So if you want to prove that you are the best choice then you should show the world: you are here and you are waiting for clients. This is the simplest step of promoting: keep the interest alive.With an escort profile you are okay. New clients will check your profile day by day and you have to pursuade them with your photos.If it's not enough you should gain the visibility of your profile. How? For example you can highlight your profile for a choosen period and then you will get hundreds of potential clients automatically.But clients don't like...

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