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What are People thinking about the word\

Hello dear reader.Everyone has different opinion from this concept \"Escort\" I think everybody knows what does this word mean and what these people doing at work.Somebody hate them because its disgusting thing to sell body for money.Somebody dosnt understand why are they doing it...Somebody likes them because they can expect for escorts to get everything what he dosnt get it at home.(I mean some extras , like hard sport,water sport , talk dirty , and etc...)Not everyone dares to ask such a things like (fisting,golden shower etc..) from he\'s girlfriend or wife because they maybey ashamed or afraid of damage the relationship.So these people grateful for the escorts.Somebody afraid of them because they think all these girls are infected with genital deseases.Of course this can happen but very rarely.Therefore ALWAYS USE CONDOM!! there are many many different type --> Everyone knows what it feels like at least as good like without it...and its not...

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Good to follow the Swedish model

The irish goverment seriously consider to change their law of prostitution to the Swedish model, about the escort activity. The current law about escorts activity watchable here rn  According to it the client who pay for the sexual service gets punishment. This is for that because to much prostitute are all around Ireland. Unfortunately the presence of escorts is closely together with the activity of PIMP and other criminal activity. To Irealand more than 50 ecorts are changing place daily, this is very high. They take out lot of money from the country. These escorts need to have place where  the incall service is possible. These places are provided by PIMP and sublet landlords which acitvities are criminal activities. Moreover the number of escorts grow other number of criminal activites, for example robbery. This activity makes other part of the life wrong about the life of families. Lot of...

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Best Sthlm Escort Malvina

Massage, Kissing, Masturbation, Oral Without Condom, Reverse Oral. These favorites are for a saucy young escort girl. Her name is Malvina who based in Stockholm. She is only 19 years but very hot. She is the perfect girl on her photos, hope so they are real coz not verified. The photo also showing that how she look like. She has wavy black hair, brown eyes, white skin. She is low enough only 166 cms. She speaks english. She is bisexual. maybe has girlfriend, she is perfect for a lesbian duo with a blonde girl maybe. Her pussy is fully shaved what is available for licking coz she does reverse oral when she sucks your dick while you lick her pussy. She is reachable 10-22 every day of the week for visit and outcall too. click on the link above to visit her profile.

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Best Stockholm Escort Andrea.

Andrea is a sexy busty escort beauty, who is located in the Swedish capital Stockholm. She is blonde haired, blue eyed bisexual 23 years old girl. She has white skin like the mix from coconut and the softest velvet. Her huge tits as big as a mature watermelon, the tits fucking may be amazing. Her meaty thick lips are available for any mouth job, i mean sensual kissing and the oral sex what are available in her favorites. She also does erotic striptease or able to whow stimulant masturbating with sex toys. Her fully shaved pussy is lickable while she sucks your dick. (69) She is available 10-22 every day for outcall and incall too 

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Photomodels. porn actresses, Covergirls on the Escort market

All around the world we can find very pretty and sexy girls among the escorts on the independent escort websites or on any agency\'s site.Did you think that the selected beauty may be a famous  photomodel or cover girl in her original country? So she has ordinary job and life in her country and she just complete her money with this extra job.I do not have exact information about the same happening in Stockholm or any other Swedish city, but i am sure some similar story has had in Sweden yet.In some country the life is very hard. The monthly wages are under 400 euros. This money is a lowest weekly salary for a shop assistant in amy Western-European country. The best job has 4-500 monthly euro salaries. The situation is the same for the models or other celebs too. In some Eastern-European country the photo models are charged very low. They can get 50-100 euros for a photo shooting. It would take up to  8-10 working hours. This is more than funny....

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about the structure of

At the menu bar, when we select the escorts, we got a drop-down menu. Then we can select what kind of advertisers want to see. We can select of escort girls, escort boys, escort shemales, escort masseurs, escort dominas, international escorts and the archived escorts. We have chance to see them all together when the number of the escorts selected by cities are visible on the screeen, above them the escorts are selecte by sex.when we select one of the all type the escorts thumbnail photos are listed. above them the regions (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Örebro, Linköping, Jönköping, Vasteras, Helsingborg, Sundswall) are listed with their number of escorts. When click on any listed photo we can reach the advertiser escort profile what we negotiate later. On the right there are some category for verified escort profiles and hair color, skin color and skin.The next item of te menu bar is the reviews. In this option we can read the Swedish visitors\'s...

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why the escorts start to do this business and why they do

Just simply: for money :DMore about it every girl has some cause for what they start to do this job but this cause is connecting to the money closely. I know a girl who started to do it because her family had lot of debt for a bank and it wanted to take their home away. So she started it to help for her family. It was some years ago. Since she has already paid that but has been doing this job yet.  But now i think she forget it and only the greed left for what she is doing it now too.  She changed her clothes for Guccy and Louis Vuitton and the lowest limit of cars is BMW or Audi A3 or better. Then i know another one who started it because she needed money for the school and for her sick mother and she give money for her. I have already seen many girls whose mother or other person of her family know what the girl does in her job. These girls give lot of money and buy everything for this family member. They need a person for who they can tell every...

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About classifieds - part 2.

It\'s possible to promote your website or service in just 2 minutes! (if you are new here, existing advertisers may contact us.)Just register and create a new classified ad here. Select the period you want to be highlighted and fill the forms. If you select 1-2-3 or 4 weeks highlighting the site will redirect to your site automatically. Why is it good for you? Because it\'s very cheap. You can get a one-way backlink for 1 month only for 20 €. And we have more sites to show your classified so you will get at least 4 links to your site. (we don\'t cheat with nofollow attributes: this feature provides a header redirect.)If you don\'t have a website then this feature is also good for you: front page placement and always visible highlighting on the top of classified ads page.Try it today because there is a 1 week option too: there is nothing to lose in this business- you can only win!

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More ways to promote yourself

Let us introduce you our newest feature to grow your business: the ability of classified highlighting. Some escorts make only classified ads but there are a lot of competitors yet. The secret of classified ads is simple: much faster to make and publish one. But this is the worst thing about it; your classy will shink to the bottom within a sort time. Nowadays as we have more than 3500+ visitors a days it\'s more important to be visible. And that is why we release the new feature on this week.What will you get when your highlight your classy? Your ad will be on the top of EVERY page in the Classified ads section in an eyecatching box. This is the first thing that makes your content more interesting. It\'s a big deal; you can grow your traffic by 3-4 times. So if you make your classy today and you get 100 pageviews tomorrow (without highlighting) you would get 300-400 pageviews A DAY. But this is not all we have. Your classy will be shown on the front...

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I think most men like that a girl licks his ass hole. The escort girls advertise it among their favorites rimming or rimjob. I thought if a girl advertise and say that she does in the phone that\'s truth. Instead... I found an escort girl who said that, yes i do it. I was very happy, my ass hole will be licked out by a beautiful girl. During the meeting we started the session with french kiss then i went to kneeling position and waiting for her tongue. She started to lick my ass hole, it was fantastic feeling untill her nail scratched my anus. I just recognized that she did it with her dribbler finger while she exhaled warmly into my ass. What a fuck. I asked her why she done it. She was not in confusion, said do it anytime like this and that most girl do the same. Only few girls do it with tongue and they get lot of money for this. So when an escort girl does the rimming for reachable price that will be fake job in 80%. This is very sad :( Who will...

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Best Stockholm Escort Alexa

Alexa is sexy and hot. Her face shows that she likes to do it. She is 27 years old, 175 cms tall Swedish escort girl. She has short blonde hair, blue eyes, solarbrown skin and fully shaved pussy. She likes the men and the girls too, she is bisexual. She has slim body, long legs and normal handy natural tits.  She wait s for the visitors in Stockholm. The meeting is possible at her or in your place. She has lot of favorites of sex. She likes the sexy lingeries and high heel shoes or boots and able to wear when you meet. You can take a shared shower with her then have a sensual massage. She can turn you on with tongued kiss and real GFE or with rimming. She likes reverse oral and the sex in different positions. At the end you can cum in her mouth or on her face too.For more info click on the link:

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Escorts in Sweden

(respect to the exceptions. :)In Sweden around 150 escorts are separated in diferent cities. Most of them are girl then the followings are the shemales then the boys and couples. All cities where escorts are have girls but only few of them have shemales, boys or couples. In the three biggest city \" Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö\" have all type of escorts. To read more about this thread click on the link.Let\'s take the for our base. In this escort site we can find more than 60 active real \"profiled\" escorts in all regions. Stockholm has 30 \"profiled\" escorts including girls, boys, shemales, couples. All number of escorts can be seen on this link  The  has more active real escorts in section of There are more than 300 adverts in the section of classifieds. That profiles what are not maintened by the owners will be archived...

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about dominas and slaves

Femdom, short for female domination covers such a vast array of fetishes and interests, sexual and domestic lifestyle that everyone\'s definition would differ making an exact definition impossible.Of course everyone has different bdsm femdom fetishes and fantasies but the basic principle being that of superior women and inferior male slaves. Sometimes this is just for play fantasy sessions that you would find a Dominatrix in a dungeon doing and to some a complete 24/7 femdom, lifestyle. Also called TPE total power exchange or APE actual power exchange. A Dominant Mistress or dom tgirl can lead some people into money slavery and financial domination although that seems to be more fantasy than reality, many say they are financial slaves but never follow it through.They like the humiliation of being a pay pig, money slave and naturally some women like to receive their gifts. How about surrender to a BBW Mistress, meaning Big Beautiful Woman, this is...

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information about the structure of best swedish escort websites

When you visit the  arriving to the front page where some of the whole content are placed and click on them we can go to anywhere on the site. On the top there is a menu bar what incudes every menu item. We can reach all type of Swedish escorts, girls, boys, shemales, dominas, massause and international profiles. next item is the reviews. In this menu point we can inform about the punters opinion about the escorts. The next item is the advert creator, any type of advert can be created in this point. The next one includes the classified adverts of escorts and any connected topic. Then we find option for free porn videos and pictures. Then it is followed by the forum where we can read...

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escort and drugs

Editor: do the escorts use any drugs, i mean the cigarette and drink as well?Carlos: Yes I think in Stockholm the escorts use drugs and alcohol because most time of the year is very cold and dark and they need to use something against the depression. :D (joke) Some of them yes and some no because the pressure is bigger on them during the work so the use of light drugs is usual, i mean the caffeine and nicotine too. My experience is, the girls who can make lot of money with this work does not use much drugs or alcohol during the work because it need to do like any other job, correctly. So clear mind is necessary. Except, when the client has some fun and he wants to use it during the sex with the escort. I heard lot of story about that, an escort use drug together with the client they spent couple of hours together and suck lot of fun then the business was finished for the escort for that day because she cannot do anything with other clients. She had...

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Lately i have gone to an escort girl to get some pleasure for myself. She was a very nice girl on the photo, but in the life a bit grayer. :P I do not attach link or name for her because it\'s not a review.  So the girl is located in Stockholm on the Kungstensgatan in a discreet apartment. So what i want to write, when i selected her i looked for girl who does massage as well because i needed it before we jump together. I tought this option is for escorts who really able to do it. Instead i got some soft touch and caress. I do not know the girl like this why select this option for her ad, this is not a real massage. I think this option should be needed by those girls who has real experience about it. I really wanted to get normal massage before the sex. :( I think thats the best if i will ask the girl about her whole service, because maybe the favorites are not real.

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Best Stockholm Escort Cindy

She is a dreamfaced fragile escort girl. She has half long blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, shaved pussy and natural breasts. She is 25 years old, 167 cms tall tattooed girl. Her favorites are massage, reverse oral and some fetshes. I do not know her photos are real or not but probably yes, because her face is covered maybe for that nobody recognize her where she lives.Click on the link to see her ad 

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private love of escorts

editor: do the escorts have connection with ordinary man in their private life?carlos: most of them has. They have bigger necessity to that somebody loves them because their  body ia used by foreign people and it takes lot of energy out from their spirit.  But i belive these connections are not based on real emotions from the boy. I think a guy who can stand that \"his girlfriend gets fucked several times a day by different men\" has fake emotions or he is a mazohist or crazy. I talked with lot of girls about their lover and most of them buy lot of things for them. Take them to spend holyday in expensive places and probably the whole cost for the escorts. These situation is the same for more activity what they do together. So i know the escorts need to pay for the love if they want to get  \" real emotions\" from a man.I think the best selection for an escort girl an escort boy. I know some girls who has escort boyfriend and their connection is...

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Best Sthlm Escort Moni

Moni a hot 40 years old, 160 cms tall hetero sexual escort girl. She has black hair, blue eyes, solarbrown skin and fully shaved pussy. She does outcall only and very good service. On the meeting you can get a sensual massage then energetic 69. She also does some extra feature for example anal sex, fisting, rimming or more guys. She can wear sexy lingeries and use sex toys if you wish that.

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We were fired.

This story happened in Stockholm with two girls who worked here like escorts.It was a snowy day in february. Two girls arived to Stockholm by plane at the Skavsta airport. They take a bus to central station. While they wait for the bus felt it would not be an easy thing coz the temperature was very low around minus 20. The two happy girls taken their accomodation in two different hotel, tought it would be the best because to much customers would go up to them. They looked for the most visited swedish escort site and posted their advert. Everything was ok, next morning they had their breakfast and went up to their rooms then switch on their phone and waiting for the clients. The business was perfect all things was ok. The clients were able to go up to their rooms. The had 5-7 customers. The next day, one of the girls got a very big balax client. He was an indian people with poor english and he did not understand the directions to the escort\'s room....

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