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Escort site engine

At the end of this year the engine is still under developement. The next year will bring us a refactored codebase because there are tons of unused blocks in the code. So I will clean up the code from January 1 and the system may speed up a bit. You won\'t see any interruption on the client side of the system. But I could be wrong so if you experience any malfunctions please hit F5 and everything will be okay : )The most important is refactoring the model files because an ugly (and slow) query could be a disaster. So I wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year and more hot experiences :)

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About Stockholm escorts site

This site is only for escorts and clients from/in Stockholm, Sweden. If you are an escort you can advertise here with an escort profile or with a classified advertisement. If you want to contact us please use the contact form.UPDATE: this is the updated entry of \"About Stockholm escorts site\".

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First weekly selection of Stockholm escorts

In the first entry I\'d like to introduce you our new site (thanks to for hosting): is this site about? This is a Stockholm based escort site that shows you the best escorts. If you are live in Sthlm or you plan to travel here you should check this site if you want a good erotic experience.First escort I\'d like to introduce you is BB4You aka. Bella. She is one of the best active escorts in Stockholm! Worth to try her - you won\'t forget :) She undertakes GFE (girlfriend experience) so you can kiss her and many more. Another favorite is Milfen who\'s a real nasty gal. (milf :)  Nothing to say more: she\'s worth to try. (just like BB)That was the first entry if you have experiences with these girls don\'t be shy, share with others: use the review system on the way: Merry Xmas :)

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Blog system

Before the end of this year we will introduce our new blog system for escorts and clients. Why choose this blog system instead of other systems? There are tons of blog sites out there but we don\'t believe in content decentralization. Because if a user want an escort he will visit an escort site. No, not a blog provider, not your own website because he wants to see MANY escorts. Not just one. So if you want more clients you have to commit to one big site and not thousands of small portals. This is what I call natural selection. As being the most visited escort site of Sweden we believe in the power of community and centralization. [[BANNER_PLACEHOLDER]]Just look at the history of Facebook: there were many-many social sites before with millions of users. And why Facebook won this competition? Because they knew that all relevant informations about somebody should be on the same site. We are serving escort community for about 2 years ago and...

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How to escort in Stockholm? Part 1.

Accomodation: You can take place in some hotels or short term apartments. In some of them you can do incall maybe. Better if you book your accomodation before you arrive because the Swedish accomodations are busy and expensive. In the hotel: When you get your place, look around at the corridor and check how loud the voices what are come out from the rooms. Better if you walk alot or sit on the hall to check the people who are in the hotel or who is in the next door. When your client is at your door, do not let him outside for long time because after the more clients your activity may be recognized. Get him inside immediately. Do not be loud during the action.Your opening hours should be between the busy period of the hotel. Before you start to work check, how is the traffic in the hotel.Be very careful, because you are caught by the hotel, some of them send mail to the other hotel do not give you room because you want to do escort activity there.Try...

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