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It is worth pointing out at the outset that people make use of the services of escort girls, because they feel some emptiness in their relationship which they cannot or simply do not want to fill in. Many times they find it simpler to pay escort girls who certainly will do her best to satisfy the client. The client’s requirements are not limited to sex since in most cases the client expects much more from an escort than sex. Well, if we start on this line, we can probably already see that we are not going to talk about a 'normal' prostitute, but a girl who has to have social sensitivity as well as good interpersonal skills (apart from sexual skills of course) in order to do her duty in suitable quality.

Therefore, the first positive thing to mention is when an escort girl gives customer the necessary personal attention and care during the service. A customer will not always reveal his worries, therefore most of the times escorts have to figure out how to relax him after a stressful day. To be able to do that, it is essential to have a common language that both the client and the escort can use at least on a conversational level. Language is a link between the escort and client, and it is important that the customer should feel cared by the escort’s listening to his problem that cannot or daren’t be shared with others. To do so, the escort needs enormous patience and a certain level problem-solving and consultative skills. After the service the client must leave the escort girl with the impression that there is someone who cares, deals with the problems, they can understand and sympathize with them. An escort girl therefore needs a lot of patience and problem-solving skills. After the service client should leave not only with proper sexual satisfaction, but also with the feeling that he is listened to. An escort girl thus can give not only sexual satisfaction but confidence too.

Besides attentiveness, understanding is also very important. It is indispensable that escorts should not categorize customers. Not all customers will be a GUCCI model. However, each client must be treated as though he were the big Him. In addition, a lot of things also have to be dealt with that are responsible for man’s self-esteem. Just think about it! What discommodes us the most? Of course, it’s the size of the penis. Many men will turn to escorts because of the size of the penis. Due to the perceived or believed insufficient size, they suffer from self-confidence, which is to blame for their inability to have relationships therefore there is no other way for them than to pay an escort girl, from whom they expect tolerance of their short size. They are expected to handle that cock as though it were the most perfect sexual organ she has ever seen, felt or dreamed of. This experience can boost self-esteem so much that it can even change a man’s life. Such amount of understanding is also needed in case of men with erectile dysfunctions. Many clients can experience this difficulty before sexual service, but it is not necessarily related to any disease but rather the lack of confidence or some trauma due to bad sexual experience. Therefore, if the customer does not have a proper erection, escorts have to be patient and sympathetic and do everything to relax the guest. Guests cannot be sent home just because they cannot produce 100 per cent erection.

Moreover, there may be lot of physical deformities that an escort can encounter during work. Sex-workers have to be prepared for it. Surely there will be some customer to be served, for example, who is in a wheelchair, who is deaf, crippled, etc. who find prostitution the only way to have sex. Therefore, escorts have to treat these clients as if they were full people. And if you think about it they are really full people, only human malice and contempt makes most of them crippled.

It’s good to be able for an escort who has a busy schedule to give the client selfless service or seem-to-be selfless sex, of course, if sex is covered in the service. Suppose it is covered and let’s try to figure out what selfless sex with a beautiful escort girl is like, selfless sex, of which so many men dream, especially if it is provided by a stunning escort girl, when sex is a heavenly experience. If an escort girl possesses this positive, devotional personality trait, then she will surely be a favourite of customers as during selfless sex she does not pay attention to anybody else than just the client. In case of anal sex, if the client's cock is larger than average, she won’t be reluctant to take it into her rectum and will treat it as the one her ass has ever dreamed of getting penetrated by.

The point is that the client should not be able to feel that sex with the escort is not enjoyable for her. On the contrary, she has to make the client believe that she has been having the best nookie ever in her life. This is called selfless sex. During selfless sex escort girl can give not only a lifetime experience but self-confidence as well.

In this pornographic world full with strange sexual trends many do not find their place. They are full of complexes because what many people see in porn movies will determine the way how they see sexuality. The guys, for instance, will want to screw girls the way like porn stars do it, and vice versa, often girls will expect to receive what the female porn actresses have to stand on the screen. An average person cannot do sex not for hours, but sometimes not for ten minutes without coming. This of course is not to be ashamed of, because one can develop sexual skills. To do sex properly one should grow up in mind, reaching real sexual maturity, which is not necessarily tied to only age and physical ability. Many people do not know that, so a lot of men at a young age lose confidence because of unsuccessful attempts. This loss of confidence is one of the reasons among many why they will to visit escort girls. It is therefore important that escort girls should be able to give customers self-confidence. It is thus advisable for escorts to make client feel they are alpha males. A good sexual experience by an escort girl is very valuable because the customer will profit from it in the future, using the sexual skills he learnt from the sex-worker. A good escort girl is better in this area than any sex therapists and psychologist.

Apart from self-confidence gained by learning from escorts, there is some other important knowledge that an escort can give to clients. For example, it is how to make a good company for a woman. A lone man does not simply long for a nookie or blowjob or an erotic massage. They are also good, of course, who would not want be cared by a beautiful luxury escort after a tiring day? Many people, however, long for a partner with whom they can talk, a woman who listens to them. This is especially important for those who are lonely and feel that the world around them do not want to pay attention to them. As already mentioned, this is why it is important that escort girls understand and use a common, mutual language. For a lonely man having a couple of encouraging words with an escort girl is worth more than a French kissing, or CIM (cum in the face), anal, or a deep throat. To endure solitude for a lonely male it is sometimes worth more having a sympathetic companion than any sexual services.

With what I have outlined above I meant to show through personal skills and competencies what the essential advantages can be had by using an escort girl. But this is not all! There is still the information contained in the ad, and its veracity. When a person decides to visit an escort site - as I have already written about it somewhere – he will choose an escort girl based on the information he finds there in. These include: physical characteristics, photos, services etc. If they do not correspond to reality - which turns out relatively quickly after the encounter – it will definitely influence the evening. There is nothing more disappointing when it is not the stunning escort girl that opens the door, who appeared in the pictures. It is therefore absolutely crucial that she should look life like in the picture and be able to communicate in the language indicated, not just being able to greet and say basic common phrases. And the favorites itself. If anal sex is on the list, she has to be able to do it any time convincingly and not only when she feels like doing so. But that's the same with CIM, GFE, a massage, prostate massage, fisting, deep-throat, OWO, fetish, dominatrix, BDSM or French sex under the shower. If they are marked among the favourites of the escort girl, she has to be able to do it devotedly.

And if the above-mentioned things are in accordance, there is the recipe that the escort girl should give a good moment and make a day or an unforgettable positive experience to the guests. In fact this all is about it and not about a mere nookie and sexual satisfaction. This is a complex matter that will ultimately distinguish escorts from prostitutes in the world of sex-trade.

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