Good and Bad Escorts – Evaluations through Reviews

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Recently the question has often come up about escort girls, that is, apart from their services, photos and introductions on the site about their personality and services, who they can be, what sort of person.  On an online escort site only these details can be known and seen besides comments and reviews (depending on escort page). We, that is, the customers, we try to gain a picture using the aforementioned information about the girls which either reflect the truth, or just approach it. Here come into view the customers’ reviews after the use of escort services that can function as a kind of quality control for prospective customers who can decide on this basis whether to use a particular escort’s services or not.

How and to what extent can reading reviews help the prospective client? Partly I am going to discuss this question and I hope I can give an overall picture of how the evaluations of the escorts may correspond to reality, and how appropriate this system is for the prospective client to draw relevant consequences. On the other hand I intend to describe what an escort is like who receives positive and negative reviews.

Even before I begin, I think it is worth talking about whom I regard as escorts (unfortunately, the concepts are different so I need to mark a target group) and it is also important to discuss in some sentences how the system looks like in which escort girls get in touch with customers, because this is the starting point of everything.

Many people think escort girls are whores but we just call them prostitutes. There are some very good blogs and forums that specialize in analysing and interpreting these concepts, so I would rather not deal with this issue. It is enough to know now that escort girls are prostitutes who sell not only sexual services. They are not like whores who provide only blowjob or CIV (cum in vagina) for customers. Escorts do not sell only mere sexual services but service packages, which of course can include sexual act that can be a bit risky in some countries as buying sex is against the law there. Therefore escort girls do not advertise themselves as simple prostitutes as it may happen that at the end of the rendezvous escort will not have to have sex with the client.

Escorts do not solicit at roadsides, and it is rare to meet them in brothels. Therefore, they need a system through which they can meet customers and a place where they advertise their services.  As far as I know, there are still printed newspapers, where rarely though but escort girls’ advertisement can be seen. The online form of this prostitution, however, displaced this old form of advertisement due to its numerous advantages. And here we are because online escort sites are great opportunities not only for escort girls, but customers as well because, unlike the newspaper ad, customers can leave comments after using service. This should be the starting point to reach the two groups I want to talk about: escorts receiving good feedback and the opposite of them, escorts receiving bad reviews.

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Nyfiken (@nyfiken) · I like big butts and I can not lie
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In my opinion? Not much different than movie reviews.

Some are shills, some do hatchet jobs. It's all subjective anyway. After a while you see which reviewers seem to match your own views and weight credibility accordingly.

Curiously awaiting your next installment :)

tomahawk (@nyfiken) · Nyfiken
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Just added. :)

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