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Most of the escort girls don’t like working in Sweden as there are strict laws in force and their consequences are threatening so for this reason I was trying to forget the country for a while. However I was very curious to try it so I and one of my female friends once took a Lufthansa plane to Stockholm in the hope of making big money of course. We got off the plane separately so that we couldn’t be suspected of coming to solicit there. Our outfits were moderate; I was wearing a pair of GAS acid-washed trousers, a pair of Converse trainers, a Zara T-shirt and a GAP wind jacket. I was wearing my hair up and holding a tourist map in my hand. Colette, my work mate was wearing a similar disguise and she also managed to get through the gate. The next following days we had to dress in the same style and keep a low profile in the hotel as well as in the city. The guests who come wenching in the country are very well-aware of the regulations on prostitution so they are very cautious as well. But there are clients who are obsessed with precautions or just simply mentally sick like one of my guests, Björn, whose visit nearly became a nightmare at one night. Well, I got an outcall from this Björn. I was living in the heart of the city on the corner of Kungsgatan and Jarlsgatan and this idiot somewhere very far, around one and half an hour journey from my place. The Taxi Stockholm made good money by taking me there. When we were approaching the venue in the taxi I started to realize that I saw big factories and manufacturing facilities instead of houses then I got out of the taxi at the entrance of a factory. It even occurred to me how I would get back home if anything bad would happen to me. This Björn must be really cautious if he ordered me at such a place. I entered the massive iron gate, dialling Björn’s number to ask where I should go on to which he answered I had to stay where I was and he would immediately come to pick me up. This happened so. He was a stumpy short man with curly hair, wearing very dirty, stained clothes. He only told me to follow him and not to speak at all. We got into the factory where surreal scenery welcomed me. Some sort of bodies disembowelled and cut in half without limbs were hanging head downwards from the ceiling and there were some vast aluminium vats with meat chops and minced meat. I’m not very good at butchery so at first being frightened to death I though those parts had belonged to humans before, and I was going to be done soon. This situation crippled my brain and body for 10 seconds because after the shock I could see clearly that bodies weren’t human remaining but that of some animal, namely swine. Also, there were three other men at the scene, wearing white nylon apron, which was totally covered with blood, and they were stuffing sausage – if I saw well. It was rather stinky inside and that time I realized what stains I had seen on Björn’s clothes…it was blood. He showed me into his office, at least he said it was his and the whole company. It was dark inside and he didn’t want to switch on the light. It was better, I thought, because I couldn’t see his ugly face. Quickly I got down to business and asked for the fixed money so that I would be able to escape from this disgusting and a bit creepy place. He made me kneel down on a composition-leather sofa and pulled off my trousers and pants. He began to lick my pussy and I was trying to be relaxed but due to the stink my stomach was turning and the only thing I could concentrate on was to avoid vomiting on him. Then he dropped his trousers and stood in front of me with his erected dick pointing into my mouth. I quickly put a condom on it and started to jerk and suck him simultaneously. After this he grabbed my hips and pushed his hard dick into my vagina, first he slowly kept pulling and pushing it from behind then he accelerated and cummed – it wasn’t a big show. I saw in his face that he was satisfied; in addition he asked to fix another time at his flat with my friend, Monique. We fixed the duo, the price and service while I was calling a taxi to get lost as soon as possible. If something bad happened there no one would be able to find it out what had happened. The next afternoon we got ready, dressed up nicely and set off to the new address of Björn, the owner of the sausage company. Judging by the fact he was a company owner, we believed that his place was a posh house or something luxurious but at our surprise we ended up in front of a block of flats. We could hardly find his flat among the so many identical flats. When we entered the flat we got totally shocked by the scene: it was like his dirty factory with very old-fashioned furniture in every corner. Then it began to dawn on me that this man was just a nobody, just a worker from the company, not the boss. Theoretically we had been invited for dinner but we couldn’t see any sign of food anywhere, except for those greasy meat chops and some salad but the table wasn’t set at all, and on the top of all, there was room just for two people in the tiny kitchen. The worst of all, he started to bargain on our fixed price, or to put it better, he didn’t want to pay in cash at all because he believed we would fuck and suck him for that greasy dinner. I don’t know what beggar country this fatty cock thought we came from that we could be paid with food. Fortunately we made him forget this kind of method of payment but he kept bargaining on the money. This scumbag wanted anal for the price of basic duo; moreover he didn’t want to pay the whole duo. Then we said we would rather go home but he presented the money and settled the bill. Then we went in the bedroom and began to serve him. I sat on his mouth and my colleague sucked his dick then we swapped roles. After that he stood up and began to fuck us from behind in turns and all of a sudden I had to notice that he wanted to plug up his dick into my ass. Well, we didn’t talk about anal sex but he was just pressing that he’d paid the anal sex service. He actually called us liars as he believed as we were foreigners and didn’t speak the language it meant we were stupid too. We were quickly dressing up but meanwhile he locked the door, saying if we wouldn’t give back the money – which we rightfully got for our service – he wouldn’t let us out or even rape us. While I was quarrelling with this scumbag, my work mate took the opportunity to dial the police or just showed to him that she was holding her finger on the dial button, saying that if he wouldn’t let us leave we’d call the police. We knew very well if it’d turn out that he’d used prostitutes’ services he could be not only fined but imprisoned for that. He reluctantly unlocked the door and we immediately ran out to the street then kept running and running until we got to the main motorway where we took shelter under a bridge. From there we were just watching and waiting as we thought this scumbag might have followed us to take our money. But thanks to God, we were faster so he couldn’t see us running in a ditch from where we went under the bridge. We were waiting for around two hours, shaking and frightened, then we called a taxi and eventually got home. I have never considered how dangerous an outcall could be although I’ve been doing escort for several years and I’ve gone to many hundred guests’ place. This was the point from where I started to select the guests and I warmly recommend all the escort girls to be careful when doing outcall because who knows who is going to be invited to become minced meat in a sausage factory.           

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