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Lack of sex, repression of sexual desires, compromises in sex

We have talked about sex in marriage, sex in unmarried relationship and in general, how sex works in modern liberal societies. But what about the importance of sex? I mean excessive sex, or lack of sex, and the problems ensuing from lack of sex.

It has been already mentioned in the context of relationship that there are relations between men and women that are not necessarily based on sex. But what if a man was longing for a bit of BDSM play and dominatrix experience, but the other party is not open to this kind of sexual perversion, so it's left out of their sexual life. What is then? It is likely nothing happens, because when the pair came together, the relationship was not built just on sex, but also on other values. The man's perverted sexual fantasies probably won’t ruin the relationship. However, apart from kinky sexual tendencies, sex must be practiced in a relationship, even if it is limited.

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