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Sex in everyday life

1. Sex in relationship

Sex in everyday life can be divided into two main parts. One part - the majority – is those people who have sex in their relationship. It is important for this group to find the matching pair and the satisfying sexpartner. Although some researches show that sex is sometimes only the second, and sometimes the third most important thing in a relationship.

Of course, it does not work like this for everyone; so many people specifically look for the partner who also sexually fit to them. Because nowadays it is no longer a shame if someone wants a little more perverse sex than the average. A lot of online dating sites are designed so that prospective partners with sexual needs dirtier and kinkier than the average can find a suitable match for each other. If I have mentioned the word “average”, it is advisable to ask the question of what is meant by it! What is average sex? Unfortunately, it is hard to define, because people have virtually lost their inhibitions concerning sex. Today it is not a big deal if one allows anal sex, teenage girls do deep-throat without hesitation at the first date, and it is also not uncommon to take part in group sex.

2. Sex in marriage

Sex in marriage is much more bound and limited. Why? Because, apart from the fact that the Christian religion has been diluted in today's society, marriage still has a sacred cohesive force. Here, sex is practiced solely by the spouses, affairs or others to get involved in the sex is not as common as in an open or loose marriage. We can no longer say that the newlyweds are virgins when they marry, and the two together discover the pleasures of sexuality. It's not like this. However, the bond is somewhat different. A marriage already carries a set of serious responsibilities, that is, when any of the partners has an affair, it has the consequences (divorce, division of property, litigation, etc). If we compared marriage to a simple, unofficial relationship, we could say that there are a lot more open sexual relationships than open marriages where the couples are free to have sex. But it is unquestionable that sex is instrumental or essential in making relationships work smoothly and efficiently. But to this point I’ll return later.

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