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Trampling is a service on the list of escorts’ favourite services that causes pleasure through physical pain (masochism) and gratification of the desire of the client being trodden. The latter one can be interpreted as a fetish. As the name indicates it, this escort favourite pleases clients by an escort trampling on them. Being trodden pleases not only the masochist but those as well who have this sort of sexual fetish.  

Trampling as an escort service has to be grouped into the phenomenon of rare sexual fetishism such as leather clothes, urination or defecation fetishes, which will be discussed later.

Trampling as an act of sexual fetishisms can be an escort’s private favourite service or the part of BDSM play and domination. 

As trampling is in close relation to masochism and sadism it can be called a kind of sexual perversion, which can be an act of foreplay after an escort meeting. In escort business pleasure is not bidirectional, that is to say, the trampling person, in most cases it is an escort, is not motivated by sadism as all she just wants to do is to cause pleasure to the client, who likes this kind of pain due to his masochism, taking a subservient part in a BDSM or domination play.

The act of trmpling (in boots and high heels or on barefoot) carried out by an escort can be directed to the sexual organs, but it can be other body parts as well such as the chest, abdomen and the head, depending on the client’s preference. During the act of trampling, sexual intercourse does not always occur, and in case of BDSM or domination play where treading is the part of the show sexuality is strictly excluded.

The inverse situation when a clients treads an escort is not impossible but very rare occasion, as this sort of fetish can be the source of pleasure for the person who receives it. This kind of trampling is not to be mistaken for the scene often seen in porn movies when the male partner is trampling on the head of the female while penetrating her either anally or vaginally in doggy position.

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